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Marketing Tips You Can Use from “The Mandalorian”

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Tips You Can Use from “The Mandalorian”

By Jessica Larson,

A bounty hunter who’s a little rough around the edges abducts a sweet baby and heads off to deliver “the package” to “the client.” But then, the bounty hunter has second thoughts, reclaims the baby, and pledges his protection. 

Sounds simple. And slightly familiar. But “The Mandalorian” gets a lot more complicated than that, and there’s plenty you can learn from the newest “Star Wars” sensation. Some of the wisdom shared by its characters and storyline even resonates with marketers. So, let’s get to it. Here’s a look at key lessons from the movie that any marketer can use.

Strive to Be a Part of Something Bigger

Everyone wants to be a part of something bigger, to achieve more than what they might be able to accomplish on their own. When he offers his protection to The Child (aka Baby Yoda), the Mandalorian sees the bigger picture and decides to pursue a greater goal than his own financial enrichment. 

You can pave the way for similar success by establishing a goal or fulfilling a core mission that’s bigger than yourself. And in doing so, you’ll create something with meaning, and through that meaning, people will establish a connection with your brand.

Pursue Substance Over Appearance 

Mandalorians’ faces are hidden behind helmets that they wear at all times. The armor becomes synonymous with the strength of their beliefs and the commitment of their behavior. To anyone who recognizes the distinctive uniform, there’s no mistaking the substance of who or what a Mandalorian is. 

In business, of course, both appearances and substance are important pieces of the puzzle when you’re marketing to potential customers. But it’s most important to be able to dig to the heart of why you’re in business in the first place. When you focus on your company’s substance instead of just its outward appearances, you’ll begin to see past the distractions that might keep you from achieving your core mission.

Remember: Help Can Come From Anywhere

Help can come from the most unexpected places. You might not think that a small green child and a tough gunslinger would make such great partners, but it’s the surprise of the partnership presented in “The Mandalorian” that helps create the magic. 

You never know when you’re going to need help or who it might come from, so always keep an open mind. One thing’s for sure: You will need help from time to time when it comes to marketing and other aspects of your business. If you aren’t able to recognize it or willing to accept it when it presents itself, you may not get a second chance.

Stop Being a People Pleaser

It’s a good idea to please your customers, of course — but opinions vary all the way across the board, and you can’t please everyone, so don’t get bogged down trying. If you’re always worried about what others think, you’ll never be able to define yourself, and no one will know what you have to offer. Be sure to know your mission deeply and create a distinctive brand identity that represents it well, then stick to that. 

Follow Mando’s example: Know when to take constructive criticism, when to make choices that put you at odds with others, and when to stand your ground and not back down. It’s not always easy to tell the difference, but pay close enough attention to stay in tune with your customers, your market and your mission, you’ll succeed more often than not.

Create and Promote a Lasting Brand

What is your brand’s signature? When you see a Mandalorian’s helmet, you instantly recognize what’s beneath it. Use the same strategy when creating your own brand. You need a symbol or logo that’s unmistakable and unlike any other. Once you’ve got one, be sure you put it on all your promotional products and anything else you use as part of your public-facing strategies. It will help potential customers remember you, and it will stick in their minds the next time they think about purchasing the kind of goods or services you have to offer.

Don’t Forget: Character Matters 

Your brand should represent your character as a person (or a collective of people), and this means you need a code of honor to follow. Who are you? What do you stand for? Your words and reputation should match, so make sure your values have meaning and your character informs how you want people to view your brand. 

Your customers, clients, and suppliers all want to know they can count on you. If they can, your integrity will create repeat business — and the kind of positive word of mouth that can set the stage for solid growth.

Stay Calm When Crisis Strikes

As we already mentioned, there will come a time when you need help. Your company will face a crisis at some point, and when it does, you’ll need to stay calm. You might not have special powers like Baby Yoda, but if you keep a cool head, you’ll be much more likely to think clearly and stay safe during a crisis. A clear head and a positive outlook are keys to responding in the best way possible. You can weather the crisis, and your business can emerge even stronger than before.

Never Stop Evolving

Mando’s been in the bounty hunting business for years, but he makes sure to keep an open mind. When he meets Baby Yoda, that open mind allows the bounty hunter to have a change of heart. As a result, he rearranges his life to become a better person — not only for himself but for someone else, too. Follow Mando’s model: Always remember that a pivot is needed from time to time, and evolving is the key to staying alive.   

Understand That Technology Has Its Limits

Yes, Mando has all kinds of neat gadgets that can help get him out of trouble, just as you have all kinds of technology and tools to help you in your business. But at one point, Mando kills an enemy with nothing more than a door. He also doesn’t trust droids. He knows it’s best not to become dependent on tech, because it can let you down. There are times he keeps himself and Baby Yoda alive with nothing more than brains and ingenuity. And there will be times, in your business, when you’ll need to rely on those things, too.

The Mandalorian knows how to adapt. He’s been in business for himself a long time, but viewers get to watch him expand his horizons to shoot for a bigger goal. That’s how you can operate and succeed in your business, too: 

Establish yourself and remain consistent, but be open and never stop reaching for new opportunities to create something more. These lessons from “The Mandalorian” can keep you one step ahead of the competition and give you the tools you need to make your business grow and thrive


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