Why Getting Your Own Place In Your 20's Should Be A Priority

Time to spread your wings and fly, little bird, because even though you might not be making the money you thought you would at this point in your life, you just can’t live in your childhood bedroom forever. Tempting as it may be to save cash and exploit your parents for free groceries, living at home past the age of 22 isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

You’ve got a whole life to live out from under their roof, and the sooner you escape the nest, the better.

Here’s why you really need to get your own place in your 20’s: 

Your House, Your Rules

When you’re the master of your own domain, you get to make the rules. Want to throw a raucous party? Go ahead. Want to live an apartment decorated entirely in pink and unicorns? That’s your call, too. Even when you’re renting an apartment, and subject to the whims of a landlord, you have the right to dictate what goes on behind your closed doors.

You Don’t Have to Wait Until Your Parents Leave to [Insert Private Affair Here]

One of the worst aspects of living with your parents is having to hide your private life–particularly when it comes to your sexual activities. Unintentional voyeurism between parents and children is the worst possible thing, and absolutely no parent (I hope) wants to accidentally stumble upon their child doing the deed. When you live alone, you essentially negate the probability of such horrors. 

Running Your Own Home is Just Better

All around, living on your own will become a truly incredible learning experience. You’ll need to figure out the proper way to live: how to feed yourself without ruining your health, how to load a dishwasher, how to do your own laundry, how to pay bills, and how to balance your budget to allot for the things you need on a regular basis. It won’t always be easy, but the reward will be that you get to live like the adult your are, and prove to yourself that you’re a capable human being. 

You Get to Dictate the Guestlist

You and your parents aren’t always going to agree on friends. Sometimes, the people you enjoy spending time with will rub your mom and dad the wrong way, and vice versa. When you live at home, your parents get to choose who is and isn’t welcome in their home, and you don’t have too much of a say in the matter.

You Need to Grow Up

Sure, living with your parents is probably making your bank account look very pretty right now, but the truth is, your financial stability isn’t the only thing you need to be considering here. Adding rent as an expense might stunt your ability to save money the way that you would at home, but living at home is literally stunting your ability to grow up. You aren’t a child anymore, and sooner or later, you’re going to need to transition into adulthood and take a few risks. It might not turn out exactly like it does in the movies or the way that you’ve always envisioned, but living at home for the rest of your life will always be just as bleak as it sounds.