6 Tomato Practices You Need to Know

Gardening? Here are 6 Tomato Practices You Need to Know

Tomatoes are an awesome treat due to their versatile uses.

If you have a garden, use this fresh farm fruit in salads, sandwiches, sauces, and eat it straight off the vine-like apples. To gardeners, growing an unblemished, aromatic, and sun-ripened tomato is the ultimate win. Tomatoes are easy to grow with the right advice as you need to choose the right varieties and know the science and art of keeping them productive and healthy. What’s more, once you reap your bountiful harvest, what do you do with the excess? Hence you need to be familiar with the various tomato practices. From harvesting, storing, preserving among others to enjoy your tomato farming. In this article, you will learn about tomato practices you need to know.


Choosing the perfect variety 

When selecting tomatoes to plant and grow, you need to consider the perfect variety. Also, you need to sow it properly and take care of it as it sets root. There are two common varieties, the determinate and indeterminate varieties. The former will produce one large crop and die as the season ends. While the latter continues to produce fruit the whole growing season. Another variety is of generations-old seed that is specifically, appearance, taste, and other specificities, known as the heirloom. Choose a spot to plant the variety you choose, with well-drained soil, that is sunny and add compost to the mix to ensure that it gets the right nutrients. Ensure you start them from a nursery and you can sow them directly once the nights start to warm.