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Natural Juice Recipes For Healthy Living

Juice Recipes

Have you started on your healthy routine yet, leaving all the carbs behind? It seems a bit tough. With all the workouts, healthy eating, reaching for your goal might seem much of hard work. 

But we have got something for you here! Well, you already know what vital part juice can be of your whole diet. And maintaining your busy schedule, it’s often tough to stick to healthy food.

Hence, what can be better than natural juice? Now, juice can’t be a replacement for whole food meals. But the unsweetened, all-natural fruits and vegetable juice can surely help supplement your diet a great deal.

Besides, we also need something to give us a push for the gym hours without getting calories, don’t we? I’ll show you some easy recipes that won’t put you on the run for the money. At the same time, you want to juice. 

Choose Your Juicer

Hold up! Before you start going hunting for great natural juice recipes, what you need is a juicer. There are two types of them – centrifugal or fast juicers, and masticating or slow juicers.

Centrifugal juicer: 

Well, the typical juicer you find in the front stack of juicers would be the centrifugal juicers. Let’s know a few of their advantages and disadvantages.


• They are quite affordable; you can even get one for about fifty dollars. 
• If you drink juice occasionally, then this may be a good choice for you.


• They are not the best when it comes to performance.
• They can’t process leafy greens
• Ugh! The buzzing noise they make is enough to scare your pets and kids.
• And even the quality, isn’t up to the mark.

Masticating juicers:

The slow juicers are indeed the pricey ones but they will help you make juice recipes with ease.  When you want all the goodness of your fruits and vegetables, there can’t be an alternative.


• They are highly efficient and last for a long time.
• They extract the most juice and nutrients out of the fresh fruits.
• The flavor is on point.
• Cleaning them is a piece of cake.


• Getting a good quality masticating juicer can be a bit expensive. 

If you ask me, I can’t go a day without juicing. Hence for regular juice lovers like me, your only choice should be the masticating juicer.

Let’s Begin with some delicious recipes.

Get ready for some Berry Crash!


• A cup of fresh blueberries
• A cup of fresh blackberries
• A cup of fresh strawberries
• The tint of lime juice
• A sliced banana
• Finishing off with water to taste

Procedure: Put all your yummy ingredients in the juicer. Add lime juice and water. Keep blending till you get a smooth consistency. Pour it over your favorite juice glass. Garnish with a strawberry. And voila! A healthy and tasty drink is right in front of you.

Benefits: All these berries contain antioxidants which can help prevent cancer, heart disease and other fatal diseases. They will also fight inflammation, improve insulin response and of course, give you glowy skin!

Quick tips: Avoid adding additional sweeteners as you would be affecting the whole ‘healthy’ fact here.

How about some tasty looking Red Blast juice?


• Two medium beets
• Two red-skin apples
• 2 cups of spinach 
• One carrot
• Half a peeled lemon or add the juice
• A bit of ginger
• Half a cucumber

Procedure: That’s quite a lot of solid ingredients here. You might want to put them in a food processor for better consistency. Check out this blender processor combo  to get a look at some of the very best food processors out there.

So, put all the elements in the processor, and mix till you get a smooth texture. Pour it in the glass. You might as well add some ice.

Benefits: Beets are known to be a powerhouse of all the health benefits. Their intake lowers blood pressure, improves blood flow, increase workout effectivity- and all in all, helps with health.  Morevover, apples and spinach both boost metabolism. So, having the Red Blast before a workout session would be perfect!

Quick Tips: Because you can extract maximum nutrients from your ingredients; it is better to cut them into 1-2 inches chunks.

Kickstart your days with the Tangy master juice


• Two peeled oranges
• 1/4th of a peeled lemon or add lemon juice
• Half a fresh ginger
• A medium apple

Procedure: Mix the ingredients in your juicer. Put on some ice. And with all the tangy orange and lime, be ready for a sweet and sour delight!

Benefits: With load sof Vitamin C, you can increase your immunity levels. Moreover, watch how your skin glows after a couple of these juices. And also the taste is so refreshing, 

Quick tips: With citrus fruits, it’s better to remove the peels to prevent any bitter taste in your drinks.

Treat your taste buds with the Summer shine juice!


• One peeled mango
• 1/3rd of a peeled pineapple
• Half a peeled jicama
• One yellow bell pepper
• A bit of fresh mint
• Half a peeled lime
• Half a cucumber

Procedure: Throw all the ingredients into your juicer. Blend and blend until all the elements are mixed well. Pour in your glass, garnish with a mint leaf. And you have your perfect drink for a summer afternoon!

Benefits: Another drink with a bounty of Vitamin C. This can help manage high blood pressure and boost the immunity. And, of course, the refreshing taste will soothe your soul.

Quick tips: The appearance of food and drinks have an impact on your appetite. So try and balance out the colors. And if you find your drinks looks too brown then try drinking them up in a opaque glass with lids.

Not to forget the healthy Green goodness juice


• Half a cucumber 
• Three celery stalks
• One medium pear
• One green apple

Procedure: Greens are not our favorite kind of drinks. But with added pear and apple, this is one tasty natural juice! 

Blend all your ingredients and serve with ice for a chilled taste. 

Benefits: The boundless benefits of greens include; better digestion, enriched vitamin and Iron intake. Greens also act as anti-inflammatory, keeping away heart disease and lowering the risk of anxiety.

Quick tips: It’s better to make juice in the juicers, but if you don’t own one, you can still get the same texture in a blender. Add a cup of water to go with the ingredients.

Final Thoughts:

These natural juice recipes for healthy living should be added to your must-have list to see how good they make you feel. 

With all the goodness of the healthy fruits and veggies and the refreshment, there’s nothing to lose but all to gain. Why not try one of these juicing recipes today?

About The Author

Ashton Max is a fitness freak and has high knowledge about nutritional value of different foods. He is highly observant about how individual edible elements of nature effect the human body. And as a health conscious man, his findings about the benefits of natural foods have not only benefitted him to maintain a fit physique, but the people who have followed him have observed great positive changes in their health as well.