Tips for Moving to Your First Apartment

You made it! you’re finally moving into your very first apartment in California. Whether you are renting one out or purchasing it, it’s an exciting time for you. This gives you the opportunity to really decorate and design your own space, the way you want to. But first, you have to get through the moving phase, which comes with a good amount of responsibility. From choosing the best apartment moving company to getting settled in. It’s a lot for you to process. And, we’re here to make things easier for you by giving you a checklist to help you move into your new home.

Let’s look at some basic tips to get you started:

1. Personalize Your Space

Spend some time figuring out what you want your new space to look like. The simplest way of adding your personal touch is to add a fresh coat of paint to your walls. Color each room and give it its own personality. If you are renting, you will need permission from your landlord to do this. You can always use peelable wallpaper instead of paint if you’re moving into a rental.

2. Figure Out Utilities

If you’re buying your own place, you will need to call a utility services provider and have them do the setup a few weeks before you move in so you have running water, gas, and electricity in the apartment, at least. Some of these services may be a quicker install than usual but it is best to be proactive about these kinds of things. If you’re moving from any other state like Texas to California, bear in mind that the average cost of utilities may vary.

3. Buy Furniture

Take your time to measure each room before you move in and make a list of all the furniture items you will need in the room. You can make a list of high priority items like a couch for the living area and a bed for your room and then gradually add furniture to the place to keep your budget in check. If the space is small, we suggest adding minimalistic and sleek looking furniture to make it look wider.

4. Get To Know Your Neighbors

Well, you’re here now so might as well get to know your neighbors and people you will be sharing the building with. Make an extra effort to introduce yourself to your new neighbors and ask for their help getting to know the places around the building like the best restaurant, grocery store, or nightclub in the vicinity. Of course, Google can give you all this insight but it’s always great to build a sense of community and engage with real human beings.

5. Have These Necessary Items on Hand For Every Area of the House

When you finally move into a separate apartment independently, you will see that you need quite a few essential items to survive on your own. These are things that will help make life easier for you.

  •  A Tool Box

You will be doing a lot of things on your own from now onwards and this means knowing how to hammer a nail and doing small fixes on the kitchen sink when needed. For this purpose, you will need a fully stacked tool box in your home for emergency situations.

  • A First-Aid Box

This is an essential for your home because minor accidents can happen at any time. You may cut your hand while cooking or bump your head on a low ceiling point. Not to worry, have a first-aid box and medical essentials on hand for such situations.

  • Bathroom Essentials

Everything from toilet paper to hand wash should be available to place in your new home when you move in. The last thing you want is a run to the grocery store late at night because you forgot to buy toothpaste.

  • Kitchen Essentials

If you plan to cook in that kitchen, you should have the basics sorted out like crockery, cutlery, and basic groceries.

  • Cleaning supplies

Have all cleaning supplies ready and stored away for when you need them. Cleaning on the go in a new home is always a great idea instead of letting things pile up for that one cleaning day in the week. One of the many perks of living alone is that you are in control of the mess.

 There you have it, moving into a new apartment can be exciting yet overwhelming at the same time. Create a checklist of all the things you need to accomplish before and after the move so you don’t get frustrated with the mammoth task ahead of you.