10 Reasons To Date a Male Athlete

You’ve got a thing for male athletes, and will always favor them. Dating a male athlete can be very time consuming but there are many benefits that make it worth your while:

1. He will be your knight in shining armor when you need him to be

He may have a nasty temper, but when you need him to fight a battle he will go over and beyond to defend you. People already know not to fuck with you. Nobody wants your guy to become the human hulk because they hurt you.

2. If he isn’t around, then you can depend on his boys to look after you

He has an active social life, and his teammates are a tight crew that will always have your back. His connections will become yours.

3. He’s totally hot, and will always be in top shape

Women in passing will stare at that rock hard body of his, but he’s all yours.

4. You have complete access to all of his games, and team related events

Your weekends will never be uneventful, because there is always a game or an event. You will be constantly supporting his practice/ game schedule, but you have an automatic invite to any rallies, parties or celebratory team events.

5. If you’re athletic as well, then he will become you’re built in practice buddy

The two of you will bond over sports, and become each other’s best training partner. You’ll critique each other, and grow together as athletes. 

6. If you don’t know the difference between a chin up, and a pull up, he can double as your personal trainer

He will give the best tips for maintaining your shape, and eating healthy. He will motivate you, and always push you towards improvement. After your workout your guy will be able to provide the best massages, because he knows the in’s and out’s of your body.

7. Food!

When you open the fridge at the average guy’s home you generally find beer, more beer, and maybe a sandwhich. Athletic men are different, they need a lot of food, and are constantly eating to make up for those burned calories. He will constantly be hungry, and will always have a food at his place.

8. He’s a passionate, hard worker

He didn’t exactly acquire those leg muscles from sitting around on a couch. He knows how to work hard, and be devoted. He’s extremely focused, and driven. 

9. It’s impossible for him to become too clingy

He’s a busy guy with all of his practices, or team events. He’s constantly training for his sport, and will never have time to be in your face 24/7. This means you will have plenty of time to miss each other, and experience the excitement of reuniting after his practice sessions.

10. He will have a stress outlet, so he is emotionally centered

He will never have built up stress. Chances are, his sport of choice serves as a stress reliever. If there is a stressful argument between you two, you know to look for him in the gym, or on the track, court, or field. You’ll never even be the main cause of his frustration. The opposing player that fouled him, without the referee catching it will always irk him more than the argument you two had about him not washing his uniform enough.