12 Struggles of Dating Someone Who’s Perpetually Cold

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If you’re always cold, dating is not easy. You’ll have goosebumps whether you’re on a date at the movies or on the beach. No matter what time of year, your body temperature is always a few degrees colder than everyone else’s, and your babe will never get it.

Here are 12 things only perpetually cold people understand:

1. He better get ready to give up his jacket.

No matter when or where, you’ll need an extra layer. It’s not your fault that you were born cold blooded. That extra layer of warmth goes a long way.

2. Going out to eat is miserable.

Somehow, whenever you go to a restaurant, you get seated at the table directly underneath the blowing air. Even in the winter. 

Why do they have the AC on in the winter?! And in the summer? Forget it. You’re dressed for warm weather, and then bam, you’re stuck sitting in the arctic tundra.

3. You love watching movies, but not going to the theatre.

Again with the blaring AC. Walking into a movie theater is like stepping out from a furnace into a freezer. 

Your date seems to be fine, but you’re taking the extreme temperature shift pretty badly.

4. Soup is your best friend.

No, you do not care that it’s 80 degrees out. Your date looks at you like you’ve got three heads. He just needs to learn. It doesn’t matter how hot it may be, those little breezes drive you crazy.

5. Your perfect date is wrapped in your own blankets.

There’s no need to go outside. No drastic temperature shifts and unpredictable weather patterns. You can keep your room at a comfortable 75 and no one can do anything about it. 

Yeah your boyfriend is about to have a heat stroke but he’ll have to deal.

6. Your bae will need to buy an extra thick comforter.

The weird thing about you is that you love to sleep in a freezing room, but have lots of warmth in your bed. 

Dating is pretty tough because you have weird habits when it comes to obtaining warmth. You need a partner who’s extremely understanding.

7. If he has a warm body temperature, he's probably your soulmate.

If he’s always hot, you’re set for life. It’s like having a walking electric blanket with you all the time. 

You get to cuddle with a heated pillow. And his warm hugs can actually bring you back to life.

8. Holding hands with you is like holding an ice bucket.

Your poor boyfriend has to suffer every time you try to hold hands. Your fingers are like ice. 

You wish you could wear gloves all year long because there’s no other way of escaping the cold.

9. He'll get goosebumps when he kisses your nose, it's that cold.

The consequences of trying to be cute.

10. If he pisses you off, you can put your freezing feet on his back.

This is the best way for you to get back at your boyfriend. When he least expects it, you put your icey foot on this back and drive him crazy. 

It’s the ultimate payback for splashing you with freezing water in the pool.

11. No such thing as a romantic summer night at the beach, because you're shivering.

Yes, even in the summer you get cold. Your partner will never understand. It’s not like you want to be cold! 

Those soft breezes raise every hair on your body. He thinks it’s cute, you just wanna die.

12. He's gotta get used to a really really hot shower.

There is nothing better than a hot shower. Other people may daydream about getting home from work and eating or sleeping. 

You just wanna jump in the shower. And if your date wants to join, the more the merrier.

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