13 Signs That Prove You Have A Unicorn Boyfriend

They exist! They really do exist, I PROMISE! How do I know, you ask? You see that’s because I have one! I truly never believed they existed either that was until I met him, my unicorn boyfriend. I have told him time and time again, that he can’t possibly be real. to which he has replied with (oh! Let’s use this morning’s reply!) “Well you hit me in your sleep last night with and that pain was real” Oops!… Sorry, babe!

Here are 13 signs that prove that you truly have a unicorn boyfriend!

  1. He listens to you and takes your feelings into consideration
  2. He knows that when you say you’re “fine” that you are not in fact fine, and tries to actually figure out what is wrong, and tries to find a solution to the problem
  3. Your man knows how to treat a lady and spoils you – cute bag at KateSpade? He won’t let you pay for it
  4. You don’t have to question or worry about what he is doing when you are not with him because he doesn’t give you anything to question or worry about!
  5. Date nights are important and he likes to keep you on your toes with surprise date nights!
  6. He has the patience of a saint! I don’t know about you ladies but my man is trying to teach me how to golf and DAMN! this man deserves an award for trying to teach me this sport!
  7. He knows how to handle the mood swings you throw at him and he takes it like a champ!
  8. CUDDLES! He loves to cuddle and you never have to ask for them!
  9. You two see eye to eye on what you want in the future. you know he wants marriage, kids a house… it’s the dream!
  10. He’s not just your boyfriend but he’s become literally your best friend! not just because you two are dating and “forced” to be best friends but like he is your best friend and knows everything about you.
  11. He knows the importance of girl time with your best friends and he truly gets along with your besties
  12. Your family LOVES him! nothing is better than getting the look of approval from your little sister who has literally hated every one of your boyfriends! ( You truly did something right with this one!)
  13. Totally underrated but if you are not with him when you wake up in the morning or go to bed at night, you always go to bed and wake up with a good morning and goodnight beautiful text message.

If you are lucky enough to have a boyfriend who does these 13 things consider yourself lucky and count your blessings! Men like this are very few and far in between! And you are the unicorn girlfriend he was searching for.

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