14 Signs He’s 100% Douchebag

Douchebag Math Time

Take a deep breath and add up all that apply. Go!


10% – His friends don’t have a fucking clue of who you are and to top it off, he avoids at all costs to meet yours.

5% – He flirts with your friends or any girl when “you’re not looking”. Add an additional 5% for underestimating your intelligence.

5% – You’ve gone on a few dates when you suddenly find out that he’s got a serious girlfriend. But according to his logic, he’s done nothing wrong because… “You never asked if I had a girlfriend”

5 % – His ‘phone use’ is highly questionable and at times borders on inappropriate. He can’t, for his life, be a nice guy and instead has a roster of girls he’s in constant communication with depending on his ego level any given day.

10% – He refers to other girls he’s been with as; the psycho, the stalker, the crazy bitch, the obsessed, the fucking ex…But when you do the math: excessive ego + a dose of bullshit = he’s obviously the one with serious morality issues.