14 Things Only Daddy's Girls Know to be True

It's been said that the moment a girl enters a father’s world, he falls in love again and every day after when he looks at her. The connection between a father and daughter is one of the most important relationships in a girl’s life, forever impacting her relationships with other men. That bond teaches us about love and connections before a daughter can even utter those words. And you know there is never going to be a man that can take his place. This is for the daddy’s girls of the world – may we love it, may we embrace it, and, if we are lucky, may we marry a man who is half the guy he is…

1. You have him wrapped around your finger.

You know with the simple word “Daddy,"? the answer will always be "yes." Just batting our eyes and smiling a little means our smallest request will become a reality. But you don’t take advantage of this power, because you respect him too much for that.

2. He teaches you how you should be treated.

He demonstrates through example (by pampering and spoiling you) what you deserve in a man. Anyone you date knows how important your relationship with your dad is to you. Though they try and keep up with him, few can. And those who can’t cut it get kicked to the curb.

3. He is your best friend.

You have a connection unlike anyone else’s. So much so that when you’re far away and having the worst day ever, he can feel it too, and you look down at your phone to a text that says, “I love you."? And, for that moment, everything is okay.

You share in the same sense of humor, you like the same movies, you have the same hobbies, and you’d choose him over any friend. He has been and will always be your most loyal friend and he has never asked for anything in return.

4. He teaches you about work ethic.

You see him wake up early and go to work and come home late. He tells you to pursue your dreams even if he hates his own job. He believes in you on the days you don’t believe in yourself. He instills in you a work ethic, always tells you to do your best, and helps you when you need it. He had his own job and his own to-do lists and yet he still finds time to help you with your assignments and studying and college applications. He made you who you are today.

5. You worry you’ll never meet someone as great him.

You look at your mother and think she is the luckiest woman in the entire world, and you wonder if it’s possible for another man like him to exist in the world.

6. You’ve already picked the song you’ll dance to on your wedding day.

When your song plays, you can’t help but cry.

7. He always takes your side in fights against mom.

You know those times when he gave you money or covered for you when you drank underage? Those moments you are getting screamed at by your mother and he takes your side, even when you are wrong? Those are the best.

8. He pays for everything.

You know you don’t even need to bring your wallet with you when the two of you go out because he insists on buying you something every time.

9. He encourages your dreams and has financially supported them.

Since you were little, the chorus of, “You can be anything you want to be,"? was on repeat and you believed you could because he believed in you. He payed for those classes and those sports camps, and for college. You know there is no way you can repay him for those things, and he would never ask you to.

10. He tells you that you are beautiful every day.

It’s his job to tell you that you look pretty. But even on days when you look like a train hit you, you can count on him to give you a compliment.

11. He is your biggest cheerleader.

He was at every sporting event, science fair, award ceremony, etc. and whenever you looked out at the crowd, you were confident you’d see at least one familiar face.

12. He forgives your mistakes and covers for them.

You spend your days muddling through life, tripping every once in a while. Even when you disappoint him, he's still there. Whether it was the time you crashed into the garage while learning how to drive, the bad grade you got, the party that got busted, or that time you got stranded somewhere and needed a ride back to school (without telling mom, he came and drove you). He was the arms that held you as you wept after that first heartbreak, his was the voice telling you everything would be okay. Even when you felt like you had hit rock bottom, you knew you weren’t alone.

13. You can’t imagine your life without him.

Sometime you look at him as he goes off talking nonsense while you’re pretending to listen while texting, and you know that you couldn’t imagine your life without him a part of it.

14. You know you have the best dad ever.

You look at other people’s dads and you feel bad. They don’t have it as good as you do and it teaches you to value your dad.

Father’s play a certain role in their daughter’s life: the example of the man she deserves. Heartbreak after heartbreak, we figure it out and, one day, we’ll come across the man who is worthy enough to take the baton.

Daughters are their fathers’ most prized possessions. A father stays in a daughter’s life, giving all the love he can offer. Hopefully, one day we'll find the man who is supposed to provide us with the love we need for the rest of our lives because dad can’t be there for all of it.

Daddy’s girls already know what the worst day of their life will be, and thinking of it brings tears to their eyes. The love shared between a father and a daughter is timeless and the bond outlasts lifetimes. So, even when his life ends, he’ll stay with you every day, eagerly waiting for when you’ll meet again.

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