14 Things to Know Before Dating a Blunt Person

If you find an available blunt person, lock them down. They’ve got their sh*t together and tell it like it is. You’ll never have to deal with any bullsh*t or lies. A blunt boyfriend or girlfriend will give you tough love, but will be the most honest and sincere person you’ll ever date.

1. A blunt person will stand up for you.

If someone is bothering you at the bar, your boo will be up in that assh*le’s face, telling them to get the f*ck back.

2. And they’ll never tolerate any crap.

A blunt person doesn’t like to deal with whiners. They’ll tell you to shut up faster than you can blink. But that’s a good thing, because everyone could always use a little tough love.

3. Blunt people don’t play games. They get straight to the point.

If they like you, you’ll know. As in, they will tell you that they like you to your face. And if they want to date you, they’ll make that clear and ask you out. Blunt people don’t like dealing with the “what are we???? nonsense.

4. They’re not easily offended.

They’ll appreciate your honesty. That’s their best quality—being totally honest. So if you tell your partner that his half of the room is a trashy tacky dumpster heap, they’ll appreciate the feedback.

5. But it’s easy for them to offend others.

If you’re dating a blunt person, you might want to warn your friends. Blunt people won’t give out compliments just to get people to like them. Sure, they’ll be polite to your friends, but they’ll also be real. Blunt people don’t change their personalities to accommodate to sensitive people.

6. Sarcasm is their second language.

Blunt people mostly use sarcasm to deal with overly sensitive people who can’t handle the truth. Your bae will always have a sarcastic underhanded comment when talking to a moron. And you’ll have to help them bite their tongue, because they just can’t resist telling it like it is.

7. They will never let you leave the house looking stupid.

If your new hairstyle looks ridiculous, they’ll be the first to let you know. But they won’t judge, because they want you to do the same for them.

8. And they’ll always be honest and upfront about their emotions.

If you pissed them off, they’ll let you know why. And if you made them really happy, they’ll show their full appreciation. Blunt people will always tell you straight up how they feel about you and your relationship.

9. You will always know what’s on their mind.

If your partner is staring off into space and you’re wondering what’s going on in their pretty little head, they’ll tell you. Blunt people aren’t the most enigmatic people out there, but at least you’ll always know what they’re thinking about.

10. They’ll never try to drop hints when they want something.

Wondering what you should get your babe for their birthday? Just ask. And if they don’t really have anything in mind, that will be clear too. There’s no “Oh I don’t want anything…??? but their laptop is left open with a million tabs for their gift registry.

11. Blunt people give the best advice.

If you’re having problems with at your job or are fighting with your friend, your blunt beau will have all the solutions. But don’t expect them to take your side, because blunt people look at the whole situation and call it like they see it. If you’re clearly in the wrong, they won’t butter you up just to make you feel better. They’ll make you a stronger person.

12. They’ll make you laugh—whether they intend to or not.

Sometimes the bluntness is just too real. Shots fired. You laugh because what they say is so true, and no one else has the balls to say it.

13. You’ll always be on the same page.

There’s no “what are we???? when dating a blunt person. If they want to break up, they’ll do it. If they sense that you want to break up, they’ll call you out on it. And the parameters of the relationship will always be defined, because blunt people don’t like to waste their time in confusion for the sake of “taking things slow.???

14. Blunt people keep it real.

No drama, no craziness, no fighting over misunderstandings. Tbh, dating a blunt person seems like the best way to go.