14 Ways the Girl with a Big Heart but Complicated Mind Loves Differently

Being with the girl with a big heart but complicated mind may sometimes feel like you’re dating the most complex and satisfying of all puzzles.

Just when you start to feel like you’re figuring her out – you find another piece to the puzzle that throws everything off.

The girl with a big heart but complicated mind definitely loves differently. Spoiler alert: you’ll always be entertained.

1. Our hearts keep it simple – we fall in love to the fullest extent and we never second guess our feelings. When we love, we love intensely and we’re 110 percensure. 

2. But our minds are another story, they’re analytical and imaginative and we think about everything. A lot. We admit that we’re overthinkers. Or could the rest just be under-thinkers? In any case, we end up making every situation in our life about 100x more difficult than it has to be. Sawry. 

3. We still appreciate every little thing you do. Whether it’s picking us up for a date, playing with our hair when we’re watching a movie or calling to see how we’re feeling, we’re quick to realize it, and thank you for your sincerity.

4. But we’ll never just go along with some semblance of a mediocre, passionless relationship. That might mean we’ll sometimes argue with you at inopportune times, but it’s not because we like drama – our anger is fueled by passion and emotions. We care and only want the best for ourselves and our partner.

5. That might mean at times we’ll challenge or confront you. As much as we love you, we aren’t the type of girl who nods and laughs and is always comfortable, we aren’t easy — as in, we don’t just “go with the flow.??? 

6. But that’s because we crave more from you – we have opinions and big dreams for the future. We won’t put up with not getting everything we deserve. We won’t let you get away with slacking on your talents.

7. We’re complicated but not when it comes to our feelings for you – we’re more than happy to spend a night in with you, cuddling and watching a funny movie. Just spending time with us and showing us your love is more than enough.

8. Yes, at times we can get angry and be difficult, but know our intentions are always good. We’re not insecure control freaks, we just think. A lot. We’ll teach you how to be a better boyfriend and person because we won’t let you do whatever you want.

9. Some of the best gifts you can give us have no price tag. We get chills when you say the words “I love you,??? and we’ll actually melt every time you look into our eyes with emotion and sincerity.

10. Communication is the greatest form of intimacy to us. None of your stories are unimportant. We want to hear it all.

11. Our hearts are very straightforward, we either get into a relationship where we know that we’re putting our time and energy into something that will ultimately pay off or end in a serious commitment… or we’re just not going to bother. If we like someone, we really like them.

12. But our minds couldn’t be further from conventional. We hate the concept of how things “should be.??? We couldn’t live a “normal??? life if we tried. We have no desire to follow the pre-determined form which means we will never just accept something, we question everything and investigate things for ourselves.

13. You’ll never be left uninspired or unsatisfied. It’s our intolerance of how things are “supposed to be??? that has sparked us to innovate the lives we actually want to live, and we’ll definitely expand your mind and capabilities because of it.

14. Yes, we have a lot of enigmatic traits. Our head and heart can be a paradox all within themselves. At times it won’t be easy, but no one will love you better. No one will make love to you with as much passion.

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