15 Times You're Beyond Thankful That Your Bestie Has Your Back

Let’s all take a moment to thank our best friends. They’ve been there for us — for better or worse, in sickness and in health, kind of like a husband or a wife but without the legally binding contract forcing them to stay.

They’re there to laugh with us, cry with us, plot vengeance with us…and sometimes just to have our backs.

1. When you need to rant  

About your boyfriend, your mom, your teacher, your boss, that dude who honked at you on the way to work…and she listens to you without judgment, taking your side on every issue.

2. When you were having a lonely Friday night  

She put her plans aside and came over to watch ‘90s rom-coms and eat popcorn all night long.

3. When your parents were fighting and you thought they were going to split up  

So you called her crying and she talked you through it, even offering you a spot on her couch if you needed it.

4. When you ended up going to different schools and didn’t know if the friendship would last  

But she promised to send you letters and Skype every week and actually followed through.

5. When you were in a fight with another friend  

And she referred to her as “That Bitch” for the next seven years even though she’d never met her and you guys eventually made up again.

6. When you thought your boyfriend was cheating on you   

She called you up and you plotted your revenge and she made you laugh so hard you forgot his stupid name and face.

7. When you needed a kick in the butt to get over yourself  

And she was happy to administer it, then offer you a hug and tell you she loves you.

8. When your first love broke your heart

You were sure you would never love again but she dolled you up and took you out for a girls’ night, convinced you you’re pretty and that any guy would be lucky to have you.

9. When you had a big test to study for or a performance to ace  

You were worried about it, so she spent all night making flash cards and running lines and making sure you would rock it.

10. When the boy you liked wanted to be “friends with benefits”  

And boy, did she tear him a new one…before buying a pint of your favorite ice cream and letting you eat it, no questions asked, and holding you while you cried on her shoulder.

11. When you didn’t get that job you wanted  

She reminded you of all the reasons you’re not going to fail, you’re a catch for any company and you will find your dream job someday…and if you have to wait tables in the meantime, that’s OK.

12. When you were in a fight with your mom  

And she commiserated while reminding you how much you love your mom and that you really wanted peace.

13. When you thought you were too fat  

She told you you’re perfect just the way you are, but she also told you about this great workout and diet…you know, just in case.

14. When you had a life crisis and didn’t know what to do  

So she talked it through with you, even though you said the same things over and over again, until you felt better.

15. When you just needed her  

And she was there for you, every single time.