16 Signs Your Boyfriend is Also Your Ride or Die

I remember asking my mom, when I was about 13 years old, why people get married. She said, “people get married for all types of reasons: comfort, security, companionship, passion…”

I’ve learned over the years that this answer doesn’t just apply to marriage, but to all relationships, really. All relationships work differently.

Some have one person wearing the pants, while others share responsibility. And some see each other all day; while some spend weeks apart. There are some that are old; and some that are young. And some are passionate and crazy; while some are smooth sailing.

And then there is the rare relationship where your significant other is just simply your favorite person in the world; your partner in crime; your “person.”

You and your boo are not only an awesome couple, but you’re also best friends: the Bonnie and Clyde of the bunch.

Only after experiencing this kind of relationship, can you understand that it takes more than just holding hands, and sleeping together to make someone your ride or die boyfriend:

1. You pee in front of each other: I mean, he’s been inside of you, what’s the big deal with a little squat over the toilet?

2. And you talk about poop with each other. He has the D.A.D.S. (Day After Drinking Shits), and when he tells you, your response is OMG ME TOO.

3. You two have mastered the art of emoji texting. You know that a finger pointing into the “okay” hand with a pizza emoji means: let’s stay in, have sex, and then stuff our faces, okay?

4. You two send each other weird selfiesAnd no matter how fat you look in the look-I’m-eating-sushi pic you just sent him, it makes him love you even more.

5. And give each other weird gifts: No one will ever understand the cheesy you’re all I can think about bracelet that he gave you, or the cat sweater you gave him.

6. He actually cares about your completely unimportant daily events: I saw a really cute little kid on the bus. Then… I got off at my stop to buy this book that I really needed, and then… I found a rock.

7. He knows your cycle better than you do: You come home to chocolate and a bucket of fried chicken the night you’re due for that time of the month. Baaaaaaaaabe.

8. When one of you gets awkward in a social situation, the other is there to wingman: Because we all have those moments.

9. He’s the only person in the world who can calm you down when you’re upset: He knows that sometimes all you need is a sounding board to vent, and sometimes he needs to do all the talking.

10. You look forward to pillow talk: And no matter how tired you are in the morning, your convo will have been worth it.

11. You high five each other: If you win a round of beer pong, or you make good tips at the restaurant that night. And…sometimes…after sex.

12. Not being romantic with each other – actually is romantic: Because what you two have is way better than cliched romance.

13. When he dorks out over video games or his sports stuff, you are his biggest cheerleader: Because if he loves it – you love it. Even if you have no idea what’s going on.

14. You two know each other’s celebrity crushes: Hey! Your girl just won the Oscar. You know… your “wife.”

15. You’ve done weird, gross, completely non-sexual things to each other, and it’s totally okay: Like sharing a toothbrush when yours has somehow disappeared, or trading your gum into his mouth.

16. Sometimes you forget that you’re dating because you two are just best friends: Until one night, he wakes you up at 5am with kisses all over your body because he just couldn’t wait until the morning.

Which is just a reminder of how lucky you feel to be completely, utterly, and madly in love with your best friend in the world.

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