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17 Girls Tell It Like It Is

Going down on someone can be a magical unicorn ride through a field of orgasms and sheet clenching flowers.

It can also taste really weird.

After surveying almost 50 people, here are some of the best responses on what girls think their boyfriend’s dick tastes like.


“It tastes similar to my vibrator after I’ve used it” 

Tracy, 32

“My boyfriend’s dick doesn’t have a taste. It’s bland and smells like sweat.”

Noel, 19

“Fresh linen.”

Erika, 26

“It tastes like skin maybe with a light sweat taste if he’s been doing physical labor.”

Katie, 29


Brandi, 21

“I always think it’s going to taste weird but right as I put it in my mouth I remember it taste like skin… Because duh, it’s skin.”

Marianna, 20

“Honestly? Sometimes it smells like old cheese… And not in a good way.”

Brianna, 19


Tiffany, 24

“His smells are always clean but musky. It’s kinda like after sex when you nuzzle your face into the nape of his neck, where you breathe in and then kiss him there. It’s the most intoxicating smell to me.”

Ariana, 26