21 Reasons To Date A Girl Who Drinks Beer

Most guys assume that when you bring around your girl, everything’s gotta be censored: no gross shit and no crude shit. Unless, of course, your girl is a beer drinking gal: a chick who gets down with a brew, can hang.

She can do a funnel, a shotgun, a keg stand, a beer slide, and win at beer pong or flip cup on any given day. Basically, 11 out of 10 of the guys will approve:

  1. She’s a cheap date: no $15.00 martinis here.
  2. She’d rather go to a sports bar than a stuffy club…
  3. She calls ‘vodka sodas’ skinny bitches
  4. Because that’s who orders them.
  5. She knows the difference between lager, wheat, ale, stout, pilsner, IPA…
  6. And even if she doesn’t, she’s at least tried ‘em all.
  7. She’s never gonna hand over her warm butt…(you know, the end of a beer that’s warm and flat)…
  8. Because she always finishes her beer.
  9. She knows how to open a beer with something other than a bottle opener.
  10. You can have burping contests with her.
  11. If you piss the bed…NBD.
  12. She’s done it before.
  13. Plus, she knows that it’s mostly beer…not piss.
  14. If you pick up the phone and say Wassssssssup
  15. It won’t piss her off.
  16. She will watch the Premier League and call it footie, not soccer.
  17. If she’s drinking a margarita, it’s got an upside down Corona in it.
  18. Munich is on her list of places she needs to go.
  19. When you wake up with a massive hangover, she’ll hand you a cold one…
  20. And when your girlfriend hands you a cold beer at 11am…
  21. That is when you know you’ve won in life.