21 Things You Need To Know About Dating The Deep Thinker Guy

Maybe you saw him sitting at Starbucks with a moleskin notebook that he was writing poetry in. Perhaps he caught your eye while sitting under a tree on campus reading a J.D. Salinger short story. Whatever and wherever it was that drew you to him, you are now unbelievably attracted to the “Deep Thinker” guy.

This label is not one that is meant to be offensive, but let’s be honest we label everybody we encounter and it can sometimes be taken the wrong way. Having met, fell for and dated many deep thinkers myself, I can only tell you from my many experiences have taught me, and what I have gathered from my friends as well.

If you are thinking about dating somebody who has a tendency to be the “Deep Thinker” guy, then here is just about everything you need to know about what can possibly come in your relationship.

1. There may be times where you want to break through his shell, but he will be resilient.

2. His resilience will be defended by saying that you “just wouldn’t understand.???

3. Existential tendencies will be more common than you have noticed with other people you have encountered.

4. His pensive manner will most likely make him an introvert, which is only upsetting when you want to have a night out on the town.

5. You may feel like he will never let you in.

6. The truth of the matter is he may not.

7. He will be absurdly profound and intelligent, and you could gain an appreciation for his perspectives of life.

8. Sometimes he will say cliché things, and you should definitely call him out on that.

9. Your pillow talk with him will be much deeper than most of your previous instances.

10. He will inspire you to reflect more on your own experiences

11. Being pensive can be a blessing and a curse: encourage him to not get caught up in constantly absorbed in his thoughts, but also praise him for his wonder about life.

12. Being a deep thinker will probably make him emotional, which is totally okay for guys to be.

13. If he thinks so much about life that he is unable to happily live it, then you should probably say goodbye. Your happiness should not be hindered by his pensiveness.

14. If you are a religious individual, do not let their philosophical ideals and rejections of religion get in the way of your own faith: to each their own.

15. If he has a journal, do not read it (no matter how tempting it may be.)

16. The moment you realize he is never going to fully let you in is going to be the moment you have to decide if you are content with that or if you should move on for your own sanity.

17. There is such a thing as being “too thoughtful,??? whether you believe it or not.

18. He will allow you to see the world in ways you never would have seen before.

19. More likely than not, he will be a rather cultured individual, which means you can go on fun and intellectual dates together.

20. No matter how close he is to you, he may seem rather distant while he is caught up in his thoughts.

21. The “Deep Thinker” guy can be charming, smart and compassionate: but if he does not save time to think about you then he is probably somebody to move on from.