24 Reasons Life Equals Friends Plus Alcohol

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We like to go on adventures and get a little reckless. We like to party it up now, because tomorrow really isn’t promised. 

Sure, we could say things like “I don’t need alcohol to have fun,” and that is a valid point. No one needs alcohol to have fun. We do want it, though. 

1. After a hard day, you just want to kick back with your friends. 

2. Friends are there for you always, and so is Alcohol. 

3. Beer and friends just go together very well. 

4. And it’s always great to have a friend to drink that bottle of Wine or two with. 

5. That way if you get drunk, you get drunk together. 

6. You and your friends get very creative when you’re Whiskey hammered. 

7. You create nights you’ll always remember, the details of which you forget.

8. When you’re drinking, you just have the best conversations. 

9. The Tequila brings out the love. 

10. That friendly old bar is your haven, the place you go to talk about everything. 

11. Your group always manages to meet someone new at the bar,

12. And maybe bring them home later. 

13. Remember that time you went away for a week together and all you drank was Rum Punch?

14. Me neither. 

15. After you’ve had a rough go of it, friends have some comforting words. 

16. And Vodka will take care of the brain cells. 

17. This way, the unpleasant memory is fuzzier now. 

18. All of the best plans begin and end with a shot.

19. Hopefully not of Jaeger, though. You’ve learned that lesson. Maybe SoCo.

20. The best friends know how to take care of you when you get too sloshed. 

21. They’ll hold your hair back, or tie it back for you. 

22. Every celebration should be rung in with Champagne.

23. Because no one should have a party (or pregame) without it. It’s classy.

24. A good friend will buy you a drink. A best friend… will make you a drink. 

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