26 Reasons Why Girls Who Love Autumn Make the Best Girlfriends

While any girl knows how to have fun in the sun, the girl who loves autumn can have a good time without even leaving home. But that doesn’t mean she won’t go out on adventures, too.

There are many reasons to fall for girls who love fall:

An autumn person makes the best cuddle buddy on chilly nights.

She’s always comfortable because everyday is sweater weather for her. She’s covered in plaid and flannel…

…But she’ll still bundle up in your coat if you offer it to her.

The girl who loves fall is craftier than the average girl, and the list of chill activities you can do together is endless.

Apple picking…

Pumpkin carving for jack o’ lanterns you can put on the porch.

Raking leaves and then jumping in them…

…Because she knows how to make chores feel like adventures.

She’s always wearing boots so she doesn’t worry about getting dirty in mud or wet in rain. She’s always ready for anything.

Halloween is one of her favorite holidays because she’s not afraid of dark things…

So she’ll walk through that haunted house holding your hand.

She’s generous and she still likes giving candy out to kids when they trick or treat.

And because she’s nostalgic for traditions like Halloween, she reminds you of your childhood.

Somehow she’s more mysterious than other girls, but sweet at the same time.

She’ll go out to the football game with you, but she’ll also stay in and be a homebody with no shame.

In fact, she’s the best to just be lazy with. You just bundle up on the couch in fuzzy blanket heaven.

The autumn girl makes chilly, grey weather fun because you get to stay in and watch movies with her, sipping on steaming mugs of hot chocolate.

She’s a fan of warm, baked treats like pumpkin pie and apple cobblers that make you feel warm gooey goodness.

She’s not too fancy for a good old Pumpkin Spice Latte. It’s easy to make her happy. All the basic pleasures are the little joys in life for her…

…the crisp, cool feel of cool autumn air…

…the smoky scent of leaves burning like incense…

  1. …the food coming out of the oven on Thanksgiving
  2. …the way a bonfire lights up and warms everyone’s faces on a chilly night.
  3. The autumn girl is more romantic than others. She loves the way the leaves turn to yellows and coral colors, even though it’s temporary…
  4. …This means she can appreciate beauty, even if it doesn’t last.
  5. The girl who loves autumn is the one to snuggle with all season, into winter and beyond.