27 Things Independent Women Need to Stop Worrying About

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At the end of the day, you have pretty much everything in your life all organized. You don’t need to stress about the little things anymore. Despite whatever happens, you still have your independence. Don’t feel like you need to be ashamed about anything.

  1. If you want a relationship, go for it.
  2. It’s completely worth it to spend your own money on traveling.
  3. After all, you deserve to reward your hard work.
  4. Don’t stress if you need a roommate because you can’t afford to live by yourself.
  5. It’s totally fine if the guy you’re seeing buys you dinner every once in awhile.
  6. Stop apologizing for wanting to be a girl boss.
  7. If you buy yourself your own flowers, you deserve them.
  8. You don’t have to be a founder of a successful company yet. You have plenty of time.
  9. Feel free to let someone buy yourself a drink.
  10. If you have to ask your parents to lend you some money from time to time, don’t be worried about it.
  11. Going alone to the party is completely acceptable.
  12. Don’t be afraid to voice your own opinion. Your voice should always be heard.
  13. If you need advice, ask for it. You’re not supposed to figure out everything on your own.
  14. You don’t need to check your email every few seconds. You deserve a break.
  15. If you call into work sick, take a rest.
  16. If you aren’t being productive, keep relaxing. There’s a reason why you need to chill.
  17. Spending a whole day watching Netflix is perfectly satisfying. Some r&r is much needed.
  18. Make some exceptions for yourself, so you can take a breather.
  19. Order take out instead of cooking yourself a meal. Because you can.
  20. Don’t feel bad about wanting the guy you’re dating to spend the night.
  21. Or if you’d rather kick him out and have the bed to yourself.
  22. Not cleaning you room all the time is not necessary. You’re a busy girl.
  23. If you scored that promotion over someone else, you earned it.
  24. Don’t feel guilty about wanting to spend a night in alone.
  25. If you’re more focused on your career than your love life, keep doing you.
  26. If something goes wrong, cut yourself some slack. You can handle whatever comes your way.
  27. A woman with ambition and her independence should never apologize.

Sorry not sorry.

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