29 Things You Should Know Before Dating the Girl Who has Trust Issues

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It’s been brought to your attention that the girl you’ve been seeing could possibly be a victim of daddy issues. It’s not certain, but it’s still good to be prepared on what kind of girl she really is.

  1. She has major trust issues.
  2. You’re going to have to work for her attention, always.
  3. An absentee father is bound to make her shut people out.
  4. She has a strong tendency to push people away.
  5. She needs someone who will love her unconditionally.
  6. She won’t settle for less than she deserves. Let her know she's truly worth it. 
  7. All she needs is a little encouragement to get through the difficult moments without her dad by her side.
  8. As time goes on, you’ll find out that she loves taking risks.
  9. She loves to question anything and everything in life.
  10. A girl with “daddy issues"? steers clear of people who bring her down.
  11. You won’t be able to fool her because she’s already fallen for lies before.
  12. She can tell immediately when you’re being sincere.
  13. Unfortunately, she knows how it feels to be abandoned.
  14. She’s constantly trying to prove that she’s good enough.
  15. Make sure you show her how much you appreciate her before she finds someone else that does.
  16. She’s already loved and lost, and yet she’s still stronger than ever.
  17. You’ll need to be a good listener because the way she deals with her problems is talking about them.
  18. Unless she doesn’t trust you than you’ll find out the wrong way.
  19. Sometimes, she’ll feel completely alone. Just be there for her.
  20. She’s been hurt before. Protect her heart.
  21. This girl has learned had to learn from her past. She knows what she doesn’t want.
  22. Don’t make a promise to her that you can’t keep.
  23. Even if things are working out great in your relationship, she’ll still have her doubts.
  24. She’s emotionally guarded because she doesn’t want to have anymore false hope in her life.
  25. Without a father, things will never be the same for her.
  26. You’ll make her the happiest girl if you follow through with your actions. After all, actions speak louder than words.
  27. She’s not a damsel in distress. She doesn’t need a prince to come and save her.
  28. Someone who will own up to his faults and give her the love and happiness she’s always wanted.
  29. Despite everything that happened with her and her father, she just needs a man in her life that she can trust.

Prove to her that you're the guy she's been waiting for.

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