3 Reasons Why Your Man Doesn’t Want to Get Intimate Anymore


There are many reasons why men don’t speak about their emotions. But you won’t know those reasons because they’re not vocal about them.

You ask them if everything’s alright, they’ll nod their head and say yes. However, in the coming weeks, when you’ve been asking them if they want to cuddle, they say they’re tired or not feel like it. What’s up with that?

As far as you know, you haven’t done anything wrong to tick him off, so what can you do to get rid of his cold shoulder?

You have to realize that there might be underlying reasons he’s not responding to your verbal and physical cues.

Stress at Work

You might not notice when he comes home late at night, but he might be very stressed and overwhelmed by work.

Frequent meetings with clients and managing employees can take a toll on him, and he won’t even have the time to talk about it. So he comes into the room and plunges into his bed.

Over time, this routine can affect his physical and mental health. He might avoid talking to anyone altogether and instead choose to curl in a ball of loneliness.

In such a case, it’s best to decide on a specific time and catch him on the weekend, when he’s not busy with work. This way, you can get a clear idea about his inner turmoil and help him cope with his stressors.

Weight Issues

Sometimes stress at work can impact your partner’s eating habits. One night he can come home starving for a microwave pizza. Before he knows it, this eating pattern can become a regular habit.

As his weight increases, his confidence decreases. He won’t feel comfortable being naked with you and resort to hiding himself. Especially since he looked like a Greek god before his weight gain, it would affect him significantly.

It’s crucial to point out that his weight impacts his libido, but not mock or degrade him. Hurtful words can only make matters worse, and you’ll be doing more damage than good.

You can cook some healthy meals for him or pack a few snacks and remind him to take a break and make time for eating. He needs to feel assured that there’s someone who cares about his wellbeing and who’s willing to help him attain a healthy weight to feel comfortable again.


Erectile Dysfunction

The last thing your partner wants to admit is how he’s unable to satisfy you in bed. Many males want to feel confident in bed and wouldn’t want something to affect their masculinity.

For them to be vulnerable is a sign of weakness. However, conditions like erectile dysfunction will interfere with his performance and cause him to avoid being intimate altogether. 

Erectile dysfunction in men can present itself through decreased arousal and trouble getting an erection. Sleep disorders, diabetes, heart disease, and tobacco use are some of the causes that lead to this health condition.

Most men won’t spill out their pecker problems to their partners. Still, they might feel a lot more comfortable talking to a health professional. To those residing in Australia, men’s healthprofessionals can help both your partner and you achieve optimal sexual wellbeing.

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