33 Fun and Unique First Date Ideas

When you’re planning a first date, it’s easy to go the cliche route. But what if you want to do something more to impress your date than the classic dinner-and-a-movie?

Sure, there is a benefit to the tried-and-true methods for a classic first date. But what if you want to keep the date fun, low-key, creative, daring your low-budget? In that case, you’re looking for some unique first date ideas—and we’ve got you covered!

Read on for our list of 33 first date ideas that you’ll love.

  1. Show off your skills at trivia night at the local bar or restaurant.
  2. Walk dogs at a no-kill animal shelter. They need the lovin’!
  3. Take a one-off cooking class. Cooking food together is always romantic.
  4. Float down a river, whether in a canoe, raft or inner tubes.
  5. Visit an arcade and see who can win at air hockey.
  6. Touch and play with everything at a science museum.
  7. Dance together at an outdoor music festival.
  8. Answer Chat Pack questions on a bench in the park. ###
  9. Fly a kite together on a super windy day.
  10. Spend the afternoon in a candy store, amassing a tasty haul, then munch your score on the beach.
  11. Tour your town’s most haunted location—get close if you get scared.
  12. Go on a quest for your favorite childhood snacks.
  13. Climb the monkey bars at a nearby playground.
  14. Go sledding at the height of winter. Finish off the date with some comforting hot cocoa.
  15. Attend a play—way better than a movie!
  16. Go to a coffee shop and play a board game together while sipping your favorite brew.
  17. Play a game of one-on-one basketball.
  18. Create your own drive-in with a projector shining at a plain white garage door.
  19. Sit around a campfire, roast marshmallows and tell scary stories.
  20. Go to open mic night at a local club and dare each other to get up on stage.
  21. Play hide and go seek at an Ikea. Just make sure you don’t scare the other shoppers!
  22. Go apple-picking.
  23. Pick out your own pumpkins at a pumpkin patch and have a contest for the better Jack ‘O Lantern.
  24. Go for a walk around the park and sit at every bench you see.
  25. Get your palms read or a joint tarot-reading. Do your futures align?
  26. Go to a gift shop and buy each other a surprise gift for $5 each.
  27. Watch the sunset from a mountain trail.
  28. Tour an art museum and pick out your favorite and least favorite works of art.
  29. For all you photography-lovers, go on a photo walk and take great pictures of the downtown landscape.
  30. Pretend you’re new in town and ask a gas station attendant where you two should do. Go wherever they suggest!
  31. Buy a toy and give it to the first kid you see, then walk away as if nothing happened.
  32. Feed the homeless at a soup kitchen.
  33. Play Frisbee on the beach.