35 Legit Reasons Why You Should Date the Midwestern Girl

Every other region always shits on the Midwest. So maybe we don’t have constant sunshine and sure, we’re not the best when it comes to seafood. I’ll even admit that I hate the fact that I have to go on vacation in order to see a dolphin with my own eyes.

But in my ever-so biased opinion, I think the Midwest is the greatest place a person could ever live. Being raised in the Midwest definitely builds character and in turn, we are pretty awesome people. 

So while Southern girls may have the charm and Cali girls may have the tan, I think that us Midwestern girls have some good things going for us. Give us a chance, guys, I swear you will love us.

  1. We are really really friendly-

  2. We smile at people walking down the street even if we don’t know them. 

  3. Hell, sometimes we apologize for things that aren’t our fault.

  4. We are always down for a getaway to an exotic, tropical location. 

  5. Even if that exotic, tropical place is Florida.

  6. We are big dreamers because as much as we love the Midwest, we’re always looking to get out whenever we can.

  7. Seriously- Ohio alone produces America’s most astronauts. Can you dream bigger than space?

  8. We are used to crazy changes in weather, so you best believe we are good at adapting to hectic situations.

  9. We are dedicated and loyal people –

  10. Which we show through our love for our roots, 

  11. No matter how much we want to branch out from them.

  12. We know how to have fun anywhere – 

  13. Whether it’s in a cornfield or a club.

  14. Sometimes, those two things have more in common than you think…

  15. We make the most of every situation – 

  16. Even if it is a massive snowstorm, or a series of tornadoes.

  17. We appreciate nature,

  18. Because if we don’t, nature will straight-up kill us.

  19. We have learned lessons in perseverance, 

  20. Like when we had to go to school despite the massive aforementioned snowstorm.

  21. We are always thirsting for adventure.

  22. We are big fans of our hometown sports team, 

  23. Even if we hate sports in general.

  24. We are not super materialistic, though maybe not by choice-

  25. it’s hard to be superficial when you come from a place known as “America’s Breadbasket.”

  26. Speaking of bread, we are big fans of good food!

  27. And when I say good, I don’t mean kale chips or health smoothies.

  28. We know how to bargain, thanks to years of shopping for comfy flannels at Goodwill to prepare for the cold season.

  29. Our unofficial capital is Chicago: the “Goldilocks” of cities – not too big, not too small, juuuuust right.

  30. We are thoughtful- 

  31. Which we learned in part from years of shoveling our elderly neighbor’s driveways.

  32. And how many times we needed help getting our cars unburied in the winter.

  33. We aren’t frigid bitches like our weather can be

  34. We are completely content on a cozy date with a glass of wine and the fireplace at full blast.

  35. Okay, a bottle of wine.