5 Flirt Savvy Tips To Start A Text Conversation With Guys

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Believe it or not, this is the most common question for a lot of girls. A majority of women try to make the first move by texting guys first. However, words are so important and it is tough to be sure  exacly what to say.

It’s not easy to answer this question. Flirtsavvy provides some text starters to send him right away. The following tips and tricks mean a lot to start your conversation with any guy.


4 Rules to Start the Conversation Effectively

If you follow these top 4 rules, your guy will feel happy to get your text.

• Never Say Just ‘Hi’- If you are looking for a good conversation, then you need to have a good opener. Hi, Hello are some boring texts openers and they are more likely to be ignored.

More than 95% of the conversations that start with such boring words go nowhere. In addition,  they can make a guy confused and think why is she texting me?

• Show your guy that you definitely have a life- Impressive texts are good but they are not enough to attract a guy. He needs to look at your life and say- ‘Damn, you are an interesting girl with a personality and a life.

The trick is to highlight this in your text. If you went to a beach last weekend, you can mention this through text. On the same token, you can also send pictures of your talent, hobbies and cool things which you have done or are doing at the moment.

• Keep It Casual – Serious conversations can be too heavy via text and this is another golden rule for texting guys. He is more likely to fall for you once he feels relaxed by your casual texts. It is a rule of thumb, love is an emotional process and casual vibes cultivate positive emotions. Therefore increasing attraction.
• Multiple Texts are not a good option- Yes, waiting for a reply is frustrating. However, sending multiple texts in a row is a huge turnoff. Because they implie that you aren’t a patient person. In addition to multiple texts , it is also advisable to avoid long texts.

Don’t put pressure on your guy for a reply and don’t seem desperate for a reply. These text suggestions will help you receive a reply and get the conversation started.


Ways to start Text Conversation with a Guy

➢ Discuss something that he has posted on his social media account- Besides commenting, ask a question that he can reply to. For instance-

Imagine, he posted a status of his lunch. You can reply to him that ‘it looks awesome’. In addition to it, you can ask where is that?

This comment + question technique is enough grab the guy’s attention and generate a chat. Here are some advantages of the technique-

1. It provides an interesting topic to chat about.
2. He feels cool because you find his post impressive
3. It encourages him to prioritize you from his chat list
➢ Talk about him- Guys are quite shy and they love to chat about themselves. You are recommended to pick 2 or 3 things that you like about him. Then start the conversation by using the above (comment + question) technique.

For example, Hey there, your guitar playing is amazing. So, when did you start playing? This sort of communication can go deeper. Moreover, over time, learning about his passions can allow your conversations to go deeper, with ease.

➢ Tell him a story- It is advisable to prefer stories over the questions. So many questions in a conversation make it sound like a job interview. They make a conversation dry and can spoils the impression you are trying to make. On the same token, stories provide a chance to show him that you have a playful personality.

NOTE- Telling random stories sounds awkward. So, choose a story that he can relate to.

For example- Hey, while jogging at the park today, I saw this cute puppy. It made me remind the picture of your puppy. Make sense? Have a glance at the merits of using this storytelling technique

– The conversation shows that you both have things in common, that you both are dog lovers.
– You also shared that you like jogging. And you are listening and paying attention to who he is, what he cares about.

Contrary to this,  if you were to ask Hey, what are you doing? It sounds empty and is a common mistake. Because it requires him to create the story. Remember, you reached out to him.

➢ Current events are a great conversation starter- This is a great option if you are stressed about, what to text first. You can share your views on a topic that is on the news a lot. To make the conversation personal, adding your opinion on the matter is a great idea.
➢ Discuss weekend plans- They can’t be used in the first message of the conversation. However, you can use them right after. For example, casually ask him, what are you doing this weekend?

Getting a better idea on his week end plans allows him to suggest you join him, or at the very least set the stage for a future opportunity.


3 Clever Texts to Send to a Guy

Needless to say, that choice words can make the difference between whether or not he thinks about you all the time or none at all. Therefore, it is essential to know what he wants to hear from you. Flirtsavvy has a list of sample texts so that you will not feel stressed while texting him for the first time.

1. ‘You would love the dress I’m wearing right now’. This text works great to spark his interest.
2. ‘Hey Stranger’- This text is best for the guy who always ignores your texts. It will suddenly bring them on the track.
3. ‘Remember the time when.? This one is perfect for the guy with whom you shared unforgettable memories. Pick-up the best pictures and message him about it. Memories are powerful than words because they are attached to emotions. If you remind him about those good times, he will feel those good emotions for you.


Flirtsavvy is best for someone who wants the embrace the power of words to get a text conversation going.  Tailor the conversation to suit who you are and who he is. Because if you are going to make the first move via text, you need to make sure that you offer up a real conversation to engage him. Once you use the above-mentioned tips from Flirtsavvy, you can get deeper with him and into a more meaningful chat. Give him the chance to learn about you and you about him.

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