6 Gift Ideas to Make Your Partner More Confident

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Is your partner marvelous in every way, but doesn’t know it? It’s one thing to be humble, but lacking self-confidence can hold you back in life.

That said, retail therapy can be healing. Here are six gift ideas to make your partner feel more confident! Feel free to personalize them!


1. Cologne

Help your partner smell (and feel) their best with a new bottle of cologne. It’s an easy way to make them more confident, assured in the knowledge that they smell fresh, woody, floral or somewhere in between.

Maybe they like the strong aroma of a bonfire. There’s a cologne for that. Maybe they prefer a more romantic tinge, in which case, rose is an excellent choice.

You can even make it a date, going to a store together to choose the right cologne for both him and you. After all, you’ll be smelling it just as often!  


2. A New Skill 

Feeling helpless is a surefire way to lose confidence. If their last road trip left them rattled after they got a flat, an adult driving safety course could teach essential skills like changing a tire. It can also restore their sense of security on the road — maybe they won’t always need you to drive them on out-of-town trips.


Fears can stem from a lack of exposure as much as the danger itself. Fully 46% of Americans are afraid to swim in the deep end of a pool, often because they don’t know how to do the crawl stroke. Give them the gift of lessons. The experience they gain will instill confidence for a lifetime.


What if you dream of sweeping your sweetie away to Paris when travel restrictions ease, but they hesitate with foreign travel due to the language barrier? You can find tons of language learning apps that can help them perfect their “parlez” before departure.


3. A Healthy App Subscription 

The app-inspired confidence-building doesn’t end with mastering a foreign tongue. You can find programs designed to do anything from helping your sweetheart get a handle on their finances to dancing their way to fabulous shape.


You do have to use caution with fitness apps. If your partner hasn’t mentioned wanting a weight-loss or exercise app, think back to the flack surrounding the Peloton ad featuring an already-thin woman looking terrified on what should be a special holiday morning. You don’t want to give your partner the impression that you think they’re anything less than perfect the way they are.


However, if all they can talk about is how they wish they had a Fitbit like their friends to measure their daily steps, feel free to indulge. The same goes for if they develop a sudden passion for yoga or Zumba. Help them finance their fitness passion with a gift that says, “I care about your health, too.

Of course, you don’t need to stop with fitness. If a pandemic job loss inspired them to start their own business, an accounting software suite might not sound romantic but could save their hide come tax time.


4. A Workbook and Journal Set

Is your beloved doing some work on themselves? It’s hard work to overcome trauma and take an honest look at how your actions and behaviors affect others.


Such an endeavor deserves the right tools. Whatever demons your beloved faces, a psychologist has written a workbook to help address them. Find out whose work your partner admires for their gift or pick from one of many self-help tomes lining shelves today.


To make your gift complete, pair it with a beautiful notebook to do their deepest work. While any old dollar store notebook will do, giving your partner an appealing place to pen their thoughts shows you care about their recovery journey.


5. A Glamorous Photo Shoot

There’s much more than a person than their appearance, but feeling ashamed of how you look can shake your self-confidence. Why not let them see exactly how beautiful they are to you with the gift of a glamorous photo shoot that enables the artist to highlight their every attractive feature?


When selecting a photographer, ask to see samples of their other work. If your beloved isn’t a fan of makeup, pay attention to the other model’s skin tones in their portfolio. Do they look natural or overly orange or pink from too much post-pic Photoshopping?


Consider your location, too. If your sweetheart is camera-shy, they may feel less so if your gift also captures the beauty of your favorite scenic place.


6. A Pair of Distance Touch Anything

Do you and your partner share a long-distance love affair? It’s challenging to help the one you love to feel more confident when you aren’t there all the time to tell them how much they mean to you.


However, technology gives you an ideal way to show that you care. You can find lamps and bracelets that come in pairs. When you touch yours in New York, it illuminates their Los Angeles apartment and tells them, “You’re special,” without even having to type out a text message.


Help Your Partner Feel More Confident with These Gifts 

If your partner feels insecure about themselves, it can adversely impact their life. Help them feel more confident with these gift ideas.

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