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6 Socially Distanced Doggy Date Ideas To Bring You Closer Together

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Can a doggy date break the dating ice? After months of isolation due to Covid-19 restrictions, you may be ready to jumpstart your dating life. Although the pandemic isn’t over, there are still ways to date while practicing social distancing. Your four-legged friend could be a great excuse to set up a doggy date with the special guy you’ve had your eye on.


Bringing your furry friend along on a socially distanced dog date is a great way to get out of the house and meet new people. If you’re getting to know a fellow dog owner, why not suggest a doggy date as a way to break the ice?


Going on a socially distanced doggy date will allow you to be socially responsible and maintain an active social life. Without further ado, here are our six socially distanced doggy date ideas.


1. Stroll on the Beach

There aren’t many things more romantic than a stroll on the beach, and your dog will love it too. If you’re lucky enough to live near the beach, going on a socially distanced doggy date at the beach is a perfect way to get to know somebody new.


Beaches have always been a favorite date location, so why not take advantage of it during Covid-19 times. The beach is one of the most dog-friendly dates you can go on. An uncrowded beach will give you miles of shoreline to stroll while getting to know your date.


You’ll get to watch your pups playing in the waves while you take a long romantic stroll. Look for a pet-friendly beach before you set out on your socially distanced doggy date. Your dog will be able to run along the shore, meet new dog friends while you and your date enjoy the sounds of the ocean in the background.


Be sure to bring enough fresh water and food for your dog during the doggy date. Doggy toys such as balls or toys will ensure your dog is well-entertained during the date.


2. Watch the Sunset Together

If you’re not lucky enough to live near the beach, don’t despair, a sunset doggy date is one of the most socially distanced dates around. There aren’t many things in life more romantic than a date at sunset.


Since this is a doggy date, you’ll want to choose a dog-friendly spot to watch the sunset with your love interest. If you want a view of the sunset unobscured by houses, pollution, and tall buildings, look for dog-friendly parks on the western outskirts of your city.


Maybe your city has a scenic overlook that would be a romantic spot for you, your date, plus your best furry friends. Another romantic option if you live in a big city is watching the sunset from a building’s rooftop. Many big cities have rooftop dog parts with fantastic views of the skyline. Why not take advantage of the location to set up a romantic doggy date rendezvous.


A socially distanced sunset date will allow you to enjoy a little romance while your pup gets to have fun in the great outdoors.


3. Early Morning Run Together

Is your pooch an early riser? How about your date? If you and your date enjoy fitness, an early morning run could be your ideal date. Running in the morning will allow you to enjoy the fresh cool air, and if you get up early enough, you may catch the sunrise.


Be sure to choose a large park where you and your date can run with your dogs without worry. If you don’t know your date well, you want to be sure you’re running in a well-trafficked area early in the morning. Once you’ve got those details ironed out, you’ll be able to enjoy a romantic run while getting to know more about your date.


As a bonus exercise is an excellent relationship tonic, according to science. By going out for a run with your date, you may be laying the foundation for many years of romantic bliss. Plus, your pup will have a great time getting to know your date’s furry friend. It doesn’t get any better than that!

4. A Nature Hike

Another date idea that your pup will love is a nature hike. Socially distanced dates such as hikes require minimum advanced preparation and give you many opportunities to get to know your love interest. To get started with this date idea, look up pet-friendly nature trails in your area.


You and your date’s dog will love exploring nature together, and being out in nature with your date will bring the two of you closer together. You’ll want to find dog-friendly trails in your area. Check out AllTrails and REI Hiking project to help you find the ideal dog-friendly hiking trail for your socially distanced doggy date.


Since your nature hike will probably take you off the beaten path and last for a few hours, be sure to bring water for you and your pets. A good rule of thumb is to bring more water than you think you’ll need. Your dog may get hungry during the hike, so be sure to bring some doggy snacks. Also, check the temperature before heading out. Heat affects our furry friends more than it affects us.


5. A Dog Date Picnic

If you live in a temperate climate, picnics are an excellent idea for socially distanced dates with your furry friends. You could combine this date with one of the activities above or plan the entire date around a picnic. To get started, you’ll want to locate a dog-friendly park to ensure your pup enjoys the date as much as you.


To make the most of this socially distanced date, be sure to bring plenty of toys to keep your dog entertained. Be sure you and your date bring your own blankets to sit on at a safe social distance. If you’re planning to hang out with your date for a few hours, bring pillows or lawn chairs to be sure you’re comfortable.


Using disposable utensils is a must to minimize the risk of cross-contamination. Hand sanitizer is also a must during social distance dates like picnics. And again, remember Don’t to bring food for the dogs, so they don’t spend the entire date begging for you and your date’s food.

6. An Outdoor Movie Night

Dinner and a movie is a typical romantic date idea made difficult during Covid-19. Going on a socially distanced outdoor movie date is an excellent alternative to the traditional movie night. Many parks offer free outdoor movie nights featuring big screens and projectors.


Most parks are pet-friendly, so Fido will likely be welcome at the park’s outdoor movie night. Like going on a picnic at the park, you’ll want to bring along a blanket and pillows, so you’re comfortable throughout the movie.


Your dogs may get restless during the movie, so be sure to bring along some toys in case they want to get up and play. Check out your local park’s calendar for dog-friendly events. Parks often offer free movies in the spring and summer months. Don’t forget to bring the popcorn!

Doggy Date Final Thoughts

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, doggy friendly social distance dates are still possible; they just require a little creativity. A doggy date is a great way to share your love for dogs with your date while getting to know them better. Outdoor dates are the safest way to enjoy a socially distanced doggy date, and they’re a lot of fun too.


From picnics to strolls on the beach, a socially distanced doggy date can be incredibly romantic. As a bonus, a lot of these dates will allow you and your pup to get in some physical exercise too. There’s no need to put your love life entirely on hold during the pandemic.


By taking the right precautions, you can have a great date while staying safe too. Whichever date idea you choose, be sure to bring along hand sanitizer and maintain a safe distance from your partner.


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