8 Qualities Every Alpha Female Should Look for in a Man

The prototypical Alpha Female, if matched with an Alpha Male, sounds like a recipe for disaster. She would not like the competition that this male would bring to the relationship; rather, she would look for someone more submissive.

The submissive man, also known as the Omega, would typically allow his Alpha to take charge in every situation: in social gatherings, at work, and in the bedroom. Or, let’s consider a Beta, who is essentially the Alpha’s sidekick and agrees with her every move, and supports her as the ultimate decision maker in the relationship.

Millennial Alpha Females have evolved into their own breed: not every Alpha follows the traditional description anymore, for some are only Alphas at work, only with friends, or only at home.

This makes for a difficult undertaking as a matchmaker. Which man would be the best fit for an Alpha Female? The answer is not a simple Beta, or Omega. Rather, it should be a combination of qualities that she needs in order to flourish and shine. Here are some of the most important things you Wonder-Woman-Alpha-Badass-Ladies should remember to look for:

1. He gives you space to spread your wings.

You, as an Alpha Female, cherish your independence. You are extremely self-sustainable in every sense of the description: you are strong, resourceful, and solve problems with ease. You also grow and excel most when you are given the space to do so on your own. Therefore, your your man should allow you to tackle problems without his help, but at the same time…

2. He recognizes when to be your rock.

Hey, Alpha Ladies, you may not know when exactly to ask for help, which is why he will know when to give it. If he steps in too soon, you may recede, but if he doesn’t step in at all, you will be left floundering. Your man pushing you to fly on your own, but also being the wind beneath your wings is key to some balance in your relationship.

3. He doesn’t get jealous.

This is a big one. You are powerful, attractive, and independent. A man who shares your excitement and pride when you are promoted, is a guy with balls. Similarly, when you two are out, he will smile at the men who continuously hit on you – not be intimidated, but empowered. Know why? At the end of the night, the only person who is gonna be in that bed with you, is him.

4. He is willing to be both your student and your teacher.

Naturally, you enjoy being the top dog; the teacher; the boss; the leader. Your business card may read HBIC: Head Bitch In Charge. But allowing him to play both the student and the teacher role is important, and though you may have trouble allowing him to take on the teacher role- try. You can’t know everything! And having a man who has the ability to stand up to you may even humble you a bit.

5. He knows when to shut up.

Although you Super Woman ladies may want everyone to think that you have your shit together 24/7, ya don’t. And chances are, your man will be there when a meltdown takes place. Some men will be scared off, and some will fight back with overbearing words, but the man for which you should keep your eyes peeled, are the ones who just sit back and let it happen: the type of man who will calmly be sitting on the couch during a Twister and say, “I think it’s sexy when you’re flustered.??? He knows you can handle it. He knows you can fix it. And he’s actually attracted to it.

6. But also knows when to speak up.

He lets you scream about your recently destroyed table, or about your incompetent assistant, but if you start screaming at him, he doesn’t take it like an injured little puppy either. His patience may urk you more, but this is a GIFT. If he can handle you at your worst, he deserves you at your best.

7. He has some thick skin.

Alpha Females aren’t known to be the most nurturing or sensitive of the crew, which would lead to some problems if your man doesn’t have thick skin. That doesn’t mean he needs to be robotic, desensitized, or heartless, it just means that he can handle your assertiveness and blunt nature.

8. He dreams big.

You live by the quote, “I dream big for those who can’t,??? but so does he. He’s not interested in just being a sidekick to your big life plans, but he isn’t expecting you to give up your life for his. If you both have goals, ambitions, hopes, and dreams, you will be able to grow together. As Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.???

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