8 Signs And Actions Of Unromantic Men

Unromantic Men..

People do a whole lot of unromantic things and they don’t have a clue about it. Being romantic might mean different things to different people as we said but being romantic just entails being affectionate at the right time. Being “unromantic shows that you don’t care” and billions of woman agree to that point.

People think that the feminine gender is the most romantic but I really doubt that; most guys tend to hide that romantic nature in them. Being romantic would do a whole lot of good to your relationship as a man because woman are a lot free and always show those romantic moves.

Men will always be tagged as been UNROMANTIC when they do this 8 things below .. check yourself!!



A lady’s birthday is as important as her handbag, that’s if you know what that means. Most guys don’t remember their lady’s birthday and it’s normal but that doesn’t make it romantic. To a lady, there is no excuse for forgetting her birthday. Even if you can’t send a gift across, a simple call would make her happy at least.

A simple message of “happy birthday dear” is way better than “oh, sorry dear, I forgot.” Women take things too serious; forgetting her birthday is more like you don’t have her in mind. Let me give you a simple trick and tips; I never forget a lady’s birthday, not that I always remember but I always set it on my phone’s reminder. Ordinarily, I won’t remember but since I’m tired of hearing the usual “so you forgot my birthday”, I became wise. I think you should employ that if you want a healthy relationship.