8 Signs You're Turning From an Extrovert Into an Introvert

Personality traits aren’t as set in stone as you might think. If you’ve noticed a shift in yourself, it’s probably because you’re actually changing. It’s not totally unheard of to become more of an introvert after years and years of thinking of yourself as generally outgoing. Your friends might be the first to notice.

1. You’ve turned into a huge homebody.

You’re perfectly happy sitting home watching Netflix ordering food in and you just can’t be expected to trek outside when it’s slightly more cold than usual. 

2. Your phone annoys you a lot. 

You have a love-hate relationship with it sometimes. You can’t stand when you’re listening to music, and the song is interrupted by a phone call. It totally messed up your train of thought. At the same time, you’re glad you can easily confirm plans through texts. 

3. People ask if you’re at home and assume it means you’re not busy.

But just because you're alone doesn't mean you need something to do. Your eyes are glued to the movie you’re watching or something you’re reading. Your friends think you must be bored if you’re just sitting at home, but your alone time is your pleasure. It allows you to decompress.

4. Small talk makes you impatient.

You don’t see the point of discussing things like the weather and other kinds of trivial chit-chat, especially if you’re a fairly busy person. You like to focus on more interesting things.

5. You’d rather have more in-depth conversations. 

You crave connecting with people on a deeper level. It isn’t as easy to come by, but when you really strike a chord with someone, you always look forward to talking with them because you don’t have to waste time on the usual chit-chat. It’s all about the real stuff, no filter.

6. You’re very selective about who you spend a lot of time with.

You don’t just give up nights and weekends to random people. 

7. When an event get cancelled, you feel kind of relieved.

It’s hard to explain. You were looking forward to going out, but now that the event isn’t happening, you feel even more excited about staying in. 

8. You always have the best ideas whenever you have some alone time.

You value that time when you finally get to reflect and have some relaxation. Maybe you’re not a total introvert, but you definitely feel comfortable with your alone time these days.