8 Tips to Keep the Quarantine from Ruining your Marriage

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How is your marriage holding up against the COVID-19 pandemic?


In March, things were happening fast. There were lockdowns, closures, and new cases every day.


But you were okay because you knew that you were going to go through the quarantine phase.


At first, you probably liked having your spouse at home! Sure, that financial stress loomed in the air, but you got to spend fourteen uninterrupted days with your sweetheart, cuddling and obsessing over Tiger King.


But soon, March turned into the longest month in the world. Then April came around, and we were all in shock that life was still so different. 


Suddenly, those cute morning cuddles with your partner turned into laying in bed, playing on your phones, and not showering for days on end.


Now that May has rolled around, and we’re all still home together with no signs of escape, it can be difficult not to take our stress out on our partner.


So how can a marriage survive in quarantine? Keep reading for eight tips on how to strengthen your relationship while under lockdown.


1. Allow yourself to grieve

Did you and your spouse have big plans for 2020?


Maybe you wanted to start a family, travel to a bunch of new places, or had tickets or plans for some great events.


You may feel like it’s a “first world problem” to be upset over such things, but just know that it’s okay to grieve the experiences that you’ve lost with your partner.


If you don’t take the time to grieve these losses, you may start to bottle up your emotions. This is bad because it could cause you to take your resentment for current world conditions out on your partner.


2. Stick to your daily routine

What was your routine like before all of this madness started?

It may have looked a little something like this:

·       Wake up

·       Work out

·       Shower

·       Eat breakfast

·       Go to work

·       Have lunch

·       Work

·       Come home and eat dinner

·       Spend time with your spouse

·       Go to bed


This structure helped you stay balanced then – and it still can!


Perhaps you have the ability to work from home during quarantine? 


If so, get up and go about your business as usual, then find a quiet space away from your spouse to work.


If you aren’t working, find something else to occupy you during your regular work hours, such as writing or working on some other project.


Modify your routine to suit the current situation. This will help you feel organized and bring some semblance of ‘normal’ back into your life.


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