9 Ways the Girl Who Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve Loves Differently

We live in a world that has conditioned us not to get attached. We live in a world where any sign of affection, even a double-text, is considered as too much. But there are still some of us who take the leap of faith and get attached. Though it’s not always easy, we’d rather wear our hearts on our sleeve than have it any other way.

1. We will double (and triple!) text.

Perhaps this is the greatest faux-pas of 2015, but guess what? We don’t care. Our love knows no boundaries, and certainly not those of texting etiquette. If we really like you, we won’t count the score for who’s texted the most and who texted the least. That’s not what real love is about.

2. We will never try to make you second-guess our feelings.

The foundation of intimacy lies in truth. So to create true intimacy, we'll try our best to let you know what’s going on inside our minds. Call it blunt, call it direct, but the sex and the physical aspect of relationships aren’t enough. We want the emotional, spiritual, and mental union too. We’ll want to share our secrets and actually have real conversations about real things with you.

3. We will listen to our hearts.

Though we try our best to be rational creatures, sometimes the greatest indicator of how we feel is our intuition. If something’s off, our intuition is on full blast, firing alarms at us. We might not be able to put it into words, but it’s just there and it’s there for a reason. Our intuition also knows when something’s going well.

4. We will try to love you unconditionally.

We’re believers in unconditional love. As long as both parties are being treated with their fair share of respect, there’s very little you can do that will make us turn on you. The only thing that will make us question our love for you is if we see that you don’t love us in that same way.

5. We will risk the pain.

Because what’s happiness without sadness? What’s love worth without the risk? Sure, we might get down when someone hurts us, but we’ll get back up, no doubt.

6. We will be slow about it first, though.

We’ve had relationships where things ended just as quickly as they began. So before we let ourselves really fall we’ll want to make sure you’re there for the right reasons. Sure, our hearts might be guarded, but it doesn't mean they're not beating as fast.

7. We will dedicate ourselves to making things work.

We’re highly emotional creatures, so we don’t invest our time into someone we’re not 100% about. Relationships take work and we want to make it work. Watch us go to great lengths to achieve that. And watch us walk away if you don’t show the same initiative.

8. We will actually look forward to the time we spend with you.

Some people go into relationships feeling “so-so” about their significant other. And they’re not really heartbroken about it when it ends. When we see this, we’re at an utter loss. How can people even spend time with someone they don’t even like that much? Beats us.

9. We will take a while to get over you.

We love deeply and we grieve deeply. And perhaps that’s our greatest strength and our greatest downfall. But instead of mistaking it for weakness, consider it a sign that our love is true and profound.

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