Admit It, We Can’t Be “Just Friends”

“Be careful when falling for a close friend; it can work out perfectly or blow up in your face” 

You and I have always been the perfect match. Let’s be honest, we get each other so well and the physical attraction between us is still as fresh as it was when we first met each other and became friends. At this point, it’s ridiculous to me how we’re not enjoying the perks of being in a romantic relationship. Why is it so hard for you to accept that we can’t be “just friends”?

What else do you need to prove that we’ve be great together? Sadly though, it seems that it’s becoming more of an impossibility to ever become more than what we are now. I’m just starting to give up on the idea that you’ll ever open your heart to being something more than pals. The problem is, one thing is to give up on that idea, and something else is to learn to live with the fact that I have feelings for you. I can’t just turn those feeling off with a switch.