Dear Grief

You came uninvited. You made my heart your home. You took away all the memories we will never make. You stole years that we should have had. You bought tears to those incapable of feelings. You showed me that life is not easy; that life is hard. You showed me that tomorrow is never promised.

But, you also showed me the strength that I never knew I had. You showed me who the true people in my life are. You allowed memories that I had forgotten about to reveal themselves again. You showed me just how much love I really did have in my heart. 

I never wanted you. You were an unwelcome guest.

Yet, without you, I would not be who I am at this moment in time.

I would not understand how precious life is.

How important it is to say I love you.

Because of you, memories are treasured. 

Pictures are taken. 

The simple things mean the most.

Strange as it may sound, grief, I am thankful that you showed up.

I did not like you then, and I probably never will, but you taught me lessons.

Lessons that I never would have learned if it wasn’t for you.

You showed me how valuable life is. How things should not be taken for granted.

I wish I didn’t need you to learn those lessons. But we don’t always get what we want.

You showed me that through tears, come laughter. And the sun will shine again someday. 

To my angels in Heaven, Suzie, Stephanie & Sean, for whom they are the reason grief has visited me, I miss you all. I love you always.

About The Author

My name is Chrissie and I live in New Jersey with my family.  I love reading books. It helps to escape a little bit.  I love spending time with my niece. You can follow my journey at  My Grieving Heart.