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Domestic Violence Isn’t Just Black Eyes And Broken Glass

Domestic violence… Let me just say this from the jump. NOBODY DESERVES TO BE ABUSED.
The abuse can come in different forms; including: controlling behavior, gas lighting, narcissistic actions, verbal abuse, mental and psychological abuse, emotional abuse, and of course, physical abuse.
Fists and objects probably come to most people’s minds when they hear domestic abuse. But, DV isn’t categorized as only physical abuse. It isn’t just limited to objects being smashed, or fists flying into faces or walls. And a lot of DV victims aren’t even aware they are being victimized, they have dealt with DV so frequently, and for so long, they are used to it, and some even think its the “norm”, which is sad, because like I said, NO ONE DESEVES ANY TYPE OF ABUSE FROM ANYONE, especially from someone who claims they “love” them.
If someone loves you, they don’t try to manipulate you. They don’t twist your own words and use them against you or try to make you feel like the crazy one when or if you point it out to them. They don’t start fights just for the fun of it. They don’t pry on your weaknesses while your guard is down, and sneakily gather all the private and personal info you’ve shared with them, then later hold, and use, it against you either.
If someone loves you, they sure in the hell don’t go out of their way to be vindictive and say mean, hurtful things to you. They don’t scream and shout at you for mopping the wrong way, or punch giant holes in the walls that you have to cover with pictures because you forgot to pick up milk at the grocery store. They don’t accuse you of ridiculous things and then break the antique vase that your grandmother gave you before she passed away. They don’t threaten you, or tell you they will kill you, or theirselves, if you leave. And sometimes people aren’t even aware that they are being abused in other way; including the victims.
Mental abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, or physical abuse, IT IS STILL ABUSE. And NOBODY deserves any type of abuse. Words can hurt worse than the physical abuse at times, sticking with you for the rest of your life. And some of those “scars” that aren’t visible to the human eye can take longer to heal and overcome, leading to the emotional and mental aspect of it all.
Just know if you have been a victim of DV, you are not alone. There are places to go, people you can reach out to, and hotlines you can call if you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone you know. You don’t have to deal with it alone, and you should never, NEVER have to put up with any type of abuse ever. Domestic violence is very scary, and it can take a toll on you, draining you to the core.
Stand tall, stay strong, and reach out when you see the warning signs. Those red flags are serious, and you start seeing those red flags, run like hell!

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