Fall Bucket List: 10 Things You Need to Do With Your Bestie

You and your bestie literally had the best summer ever! And you’re now so ready for the Fall season. Pumpkin everything is what you’ll see everywhere starting now, so…

1. Before you indulge yourself with your first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season, you and your bestie should enjoy your very last, extra-large, ice coffee brew and make the last sip be your official transition to the Fall, as you recap all the memories you made together during the summer.

2. You both know that It’s definitely time to move on from your summer flings. You’ve talked about it A LOT, and deep down know they’ve run its course. You’re both so ready to cozy up with the new flavor of the month, so be blunt little hoes with each other and encourage a little slutty behavior next time you’re out. Go get the new guy!

3. But if you happened to have found real love during your summer fun. First remember, ’Chicks over Dicks’ then make sure you take advantage of a nice chilly night under the covers to tell your guy  “I love you” for the first time. Be ready to text your girl first thing the next day, as you promised her to give her all the deets, and she’ll be there for you no matter what happened.

4. Make Halloween plans like right now. So whether you decide to spend it low-key, watching horror films while stuffing your faces with mini KitKats and Candy corn, or going all out at a costume party with friends. Start planning and  “Trick or Treat” yo self!

5. You’ve been probably talking about new hairstyles all summer, so have fun with a little change, be it the color or length. Whatever matches your personality and goes well with the cool autumn vibes. You know you’re dying to cheer each other’s new kick-ass style.

6. You might also wanna update your makeup bag. Another trip to Sephora is calling your names, so go and have fun swatching all the pretty colors that are gonna look so good on you this fall season. Speaking of pretty colors, this Fall you should definitely get…

7. Sweater weather matching sweaters…because you both wanna be comfy AF while you binge-watch your new TV show pick on Netflix.

8. Hearty soup anyone? You might suck at cooking or be a master chef wanna-be. Whatever it might be, Fall calls for soup, so plan out a night to make it from scratch or order it from your fave restaurant in town. Either way, pair it with a nice glass of wine and enjoy every spoonful while gossiping the night away.

9. Fall is typically when the unexpected case of the blues hits hard, so as each other’s ride or die, make sure you make it a point to be there for each other a little extra every day during this season. After all, you’ll take a bullet for your bitch and…

10. Every season is a good time to make a bucket list together and celebrate that you’ll always be best friends forever.