How To Love Someone Who's Been Emotionally Abused

Emotional abuse can damage you in different ways. But the one thing it arguably causes the most damage to is your relationships with others, especially yourself.

Those who have been emotionally abused, understand the pain of having to be constantly harshly criticized for everything they are which can cause us to be highly critical of ourselves.

This makes us rather hard to love at times which is why when it comes to it, it takes a different approach in order to love us:

  1. It’s easier for them to be hard on themselves rather supportive which is why your support is important for them.
  2. They may have this irrational fear that everyone possibly hates or pities them including you. Don’t let that fear escalate.
  3. If they seem a bit distant especially in the beginning of the relationship, it means they’re giving you space and time so they don’t seem like a burden.
  4. They’ll always want to get things right because the abuse they endured before convinced them they’ll always get it wrong no matter what.
  5. Which is why it’s important to remind them that they will get it wrong sometimes and that’s perfectly fine because no one is perfect.
  6. Hold them when they seem tense and on edge.
  7. Remind them that you don’t just love them, but how proud you are of them whenever they succeed in something.
  8. Be careful with pushing them to be vulnerable to you because their hearts may be guarded.
  9. Because once their heart opens, their emotions may flood out and overwhelm you.
  10. One of the best things you can do for them is be your complete self because it helps ease the paranoia of entering another abusive relationship.
  11. Because their abuser was most likely someone who had two faces like a coin.
  12. Love them with all your heart because chances are they’re loving you the same way.