I Knew Goodbye Was Coming-An Open Letter

Time Never Seems To Be On My Side

I stand in the shower and sing the lyrics to different songs.  While I may be off key, I know the words to the songs are not.  Those lyrics are words that I can’t generate on my own, but they’re words that speak to my soul in just the way they’re supposed to.  While I wonder why time never seems to be on my side, I hear the words and I sing along, “nobody said that it would last forever, that doesn’t mean we didn’t try to get there.”  Then, in that moment, I can remind myself of the time God gave me with you, and at the very least, try to convince myself that it was only meant to be a season.

No Words..

I’ll sit in front of my blank piece of paper and try to make words flow like beautiful poetry.  The words don’t come out, and whatever words do get written down are quickly erased…and then I hear the words, “head in my hand, cold coffee on the table.  I wish you the best, I would if I was able.”  It stings a little less knowing that sometimes the words just won’t come out.