I Knew Goodbye Was Coming-An Open Letter


You and I and You Again

Sometimes I get a thought in my head about wishing I never met you…but as quickly as the thought comes, even faster I clear that out.  You are a blessing to me, and while also possibly a lesson – it’s a lesson I’ll never forget.  You can say you’re complicated, but you’re just who you are…somebody that I wanted to know everything about.  Some things were easy to figure out…I can tell you have a lot bottled up and so that’s why I asked if you ever wrote poems or songs.  Vulnerability is such a beautiful and scary thing…and I hope you keep writing.  And maybe someday I’ll get to read some of it.  Or maybe, I’m just in a huge state of denial.  Life is wild, huh.


Writing Words Of Gratitude

I’m not going to write a novel on you.  Like I said earlier, “our story” is going to end when you leave here.  And the best thing I can do is hope you get everything you want, because I want that for you.  You said she has your heart.  I hope she treats it kindly, faithfully, respectfully and with every ounce of love you deserve.  I know I’ll think of you often, but I promise only to think of your happiness and the happiness that you brought me.