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I Refuse to Let You Treat Me Like a Burden Anymore

I hate you for doing this to me, for giving me hope that things might get better then stomping on my heart all over again.

Most of all, I hate that I can’t just walk away. You’re my weakness and even though you constantly play me for a fool, I’m hooked.

But I’m sick of you making me feel useless. You’re constantly ignoring me and treating me like shit (unless people are around, then you’re suddenly a gentleman) and I’m at the end of my rope.

I’m sick of my anxiety creeping up on me daily as I wonder if we’re going to have a good or bad day. My depression lingers around every corner, hoping for a bad day so it can rear its ugly head.

Our relationship feels like an old wooden roller coaster that throws you around, makes your body ache, and leaves you wondering why you got on it in the first place.

You had me believing all the lies you spout. You even convinced me that I “need help,” when in reality, you’re the reason I’m always upset and emotional.

At what point do we just call it quits? How many sleepless nights should I spend replaying every conversation we had, trying to figure out what I did or said wrong?

My anger builds up with volcanic pressure as I start to realize that even though I’ve done nothing wrong, I’m always the one who has to apologize.

Well, guess what: I’m done apologizing.

I’ve allowed you to mentally drain me for too long, but enough is enough. It’s time that changes are made and if you can’t make them, I’m ready to walk away.

I deserve someone who will respect me, not talk down to me; someone who wants me around and doesn’t treat me like a burden.

You can’t even tell me you love me, so why don’t I just leave?

Am I too scared?

No, I’m just comfortable.

But I think it’s time I left my comfort zone. The only chance I have at finding true happiness depends on it.


About The Author

Danielle is a lover of all things. When she doesn’t have her head in a book you can find her taking advantage of long summer days hiking or camping with her dog Nora. Danielle is currently working on her Bachelors Degree in Homeland Security Management.