It Didn’t Last, but You Gave Me So Much More Than ‘Happily Ever After’ Ever Could

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I fell in love “the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” I don’t really know when exactly it happened, but somewhere in between our intense eye contact and you wiping away my tears, the walls I spent years crafting was able to come down. I crashed into you fully and never looked back.

Our hearts kept it simple.

My heart was unguarded, and I gave you all of me. We didn’t just hang out. We played. Our souls were alive, it was as if we were seeing the world for the first time.

Being with you multiplied all the good in life and changed me forever.

But our minds were another story.

We were complicated people, you and I. We weren’t simple. Our minds were analytical and imaginative and we thought about everything. A lot. We ended up making every situation in our life about 100x more difficult than it had to be.

We argued a lot. I fought with you at inopportune times, but my anger was fueled by my passion and emotions for you. I cared. I loved you. I loved all of you.

I loved that I was the only one you showed certain parts of yourself too, you gave me all of you.

I wiped your tears as you spoke about your family, there’s nothing in this world I loved more than holding your hand and whispering words of reassurance in your ear because I knew you weren’t broken, you were just bent.

And I loved all your edges, all your roughness. Your imperfections were perfect to me.

I challenged you because I loved you.

I confronted you a lot. I’m not the type of girl who nods and laughs and is always comfortable, I wasn’t easy — as in, I didn’t just “go with the flow.” But that’s because I craved more from you — I had opinions and big dreams for the future, I wanted the best for you.

I never put up with not getting everything I deserved.

I never let you get away with slacking on your talents or putting in the effort towards our relationship because I knew what we had. And you were never left uninspired or unsatisfied.

You broke my heart.

Not too long into our magic, things started to turn. The fireworks combusted, leaving us burned and confused. We wanted it so badly that we thought there was a logical solution to working out our differences. But there wasn’t.

The truth is, you just weren’t ready. Your past, your demons, whatever the reason was, you started to push me away. You loved me in a way I have never been loved but you still weren’t ready. And that was the hardest thing to accept.

I knew I had to let go. Because you never ever have to convince or inspire someone to do the work to be ready.

There are many things I never thanked you for.

I thought I couldn’t live without you, but my heart is finally starting to beat again. You broke my heart open, but a new light was able to make its way in. You made me so desperate and out of control that I had to transform my life, and I did.

I thought I would grow old with you, but sometimes, life has other plans. That doesn’t mean I ever stopped loving you. When someone touches your heart, they will infinitely be there.

I had so much anger and pain, it was gnawing away at me, slowly destroying me. But then I realized that our love wasn’t the kind that results in the fusing of two lives into one. It was the kind of love that gave me new life, which taught me much more than a ‘happily ever after’ ever could.

And I don’t regret a second of it.

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