Let’s Be Real, I Was Never Your ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ and I Never Will Be

I am so sorry that you felt the need to leave us back then. I know that so many years have passed, maybe even decades, but I need you to understand the sadness that I still carry with me to this very second.

I’m all grown up now but I need you to know how badly you hurt your little pumpkin.

For years I would cry when it was time to hang up the phone when you would call once a week to say hello.

I could never make it from the phone in the kitchen to my pillow fast enough to mask the tears from Mom.

I missed my Daddy.

I would cry for you out of the car window as our weekends together came to a halt. Our time together never seemed to last long enough for my tiny little heart.

Quickly, all of those happy moments turned into angry memories. How could you walk away from me? How could you possibly love your little princess as you turn your face away?

Your weekly phone calls turned into monthly voicemails that I saved for evidence against you. And just like that, in the snap of a finger, your little princess wanted nothing to do with you.

That little girl finally realized that her sadness was not her fault.

It was your choice to walk away from your family, none of this was my fault.

I hope that every moment you missed me chips at your heart for the rest of your entire life.

I’m all grown up, and I don’t need you. I never needed you; It has taken me this long to accept that.

I will never be Daddy’s little girl.