Libra Man Relationship Compatibility With A Scorpio Woman

If you’re wondering whether Libra, as an Air sign, and a Scorpio as a water sign can ever function together in a romantic way, then the short answer is – hell yes! However, it won’t always be a walk in the park. So, let us take a look at their compatibility in different aspects and learn what it is that makes them great for each other, as well as what it is that can cause issues in their relationship.

One quick look at the Libra Man’s heart website will allow you to check the compatibility of this romantic and yet strong man with women from all the other signs. Yet, today we are sticking with the mysterious Scorpio, because there’s certainly a lot to say about this particular relationship. Without further ado, let us get started.



If we were to rate their overall compatibility, we would say that the percentage is definitely through the roof. When a sexy Scorpio that otherwise seems shy meets a quirky Libra for the first time, they will instantly get smitten by their personality. On the other hand, a man Libra is drawn by the Scorpio’s subtlety and self-restrain which makes them look adorable.

Don’t get fooled by the word “adorable”, though. The moment these two lock eyes, they won’t only feel butterflies in their stomach. They’ll feel a lot more than that and the passion and attraction will be difficult to hide. From that day forward, these two people will retain the passion throughout their whole relationship and they will also always have mutual respect and admiration. It’s said that a relationship between a Libra man and a Scorpio woman actually gives birth to peace and compassion.


As we all know by now, communication is the key towards a happy relationship and this particular couple won’t lack in these skills. Libras are naturally rather conversational, meaning that they will find a lot of topics stimulating and they won’t be afraid to share their deepest thoughts with their Scorpio once they start trusting them. This makes both parties happy, because Scorpios are, and love to be, the perfect confidants.

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Here’s where the problem might arise, though. While one party will definitely always be open and ready to chat, Scorpios tend to stay mysterious and keep their deepest thoughts to themselves even when they trust the other person completely. This can be attractive to Libras at first, but it might be an issue in the long-run, because they’ll feel they have to put in a huge amount of effort into talking the Scorpio into…well, talking.

The good part is, though, that Scorpios do decide to talk at some point. Sure, they won’t start a topic until they are perfectly ready for it, but they rarely sweep their problems under the rug. All a Libra has to do is let this mysterious women take her time to properly prepare for the conversation and not try to suck them into an argument that they aren’t ready for.



If there’s one thing that you won’t need to worry about if you are one part of this relationship, then it is sex. I mean, these two can sit in a room filled with other people, friends and acquaintances, simply enjoying a nice evening and they’ll both notice their heart racing and their desire for one another building up. Simply put, there’s some serious heat between those too and it’s like a force that they cannot fight against.

The provocative Scorpio will definitely be able to set the atmosphere and drive this man crazy way before they are left alone and the charming Libra will make sure to return the favor afterwards, when the bedroom door closes. You would probably never think this when you see them together somewhere, because neither of them like to display their affection in public, but the truth is that they are barely keeping their clothes on and that they are always craving to be alone. That’s when things get wild. The best part is, this doesn’t change over time, which makes the couple compatible in the long run as well, as explained here.


This couple is the perfect example that opposites attract. Yet, even though they can easily come to terms with the differences between themselves, those can definitely cause some problems from time to time. For example, the Scorpios tendency to overreact and get both passive-aggressive and openly aggressive is crossed can really make the Libra uncomfortable and extremely agitated. Yet, this man knows his way around this woman, meaning that this is nothing that cannot be solved.

On the other hand, a Scorpio might feel extremely offended if they find that their partner has been talking about their relationship or, God forbid, their sex life to other people. They like to maintain the mystery and they certainly value their own privacy, while Libras do tend to get chatty from time to time. So, if the secrecy part isn’t respected, these women might feel like their trust has been betrayed.

To put things simply, a Libra man and a Scorpio woman are definitely like day and night and that’s probably why they are always so attracted to each other. Yet, if they fail to respect these differences, they might put their relationships in jeopardy. As long as they communicate openly and directly about everything, they’ll definitely be an amazing couple.