Loving someone with Anxiety: 

As someone with anxiety I know that there are times when I’m making more out of things then they are. I know that I’m totally overthinking everything, and falling down the rabbit whole. I know that being in a relationship with me is hard because things that are said, can often lead to a full blow anxiety attack. This can lead to miscommunications, and hurt feelings. 

Here are a few things to remember when loving someone with anxiety: 

Stop texting: you can tell when my anxiety is high even by a text message. Tell me, we are clearly mis-communicating so, we need to talk face to face. This will relieve my anxiety, and keep me from feeling crazy! 
Listen to what I need: if we are in an a stressful situation I will tell you what I need you todo. That is what I need in that moment. That might mean you cannot comfort me right then. That’s okay, I don’t need that I need you to listen and do what I’m asking. 
Tell me I need to be quiet: if I start to ramble you need to tell me that I need take a breath. That is my anxiety that I’m not always aware of. 
Let me get it out: sometimes it’s not me rambling it’s me needing to get my thoughts out. You might have to just listen. I’ll tire myself out. It’s me venting. Let me vent. We will move on soon! 
Dealing with anxiety is just as frustrating for me as it is for you. Probably more so. There are things I’m not always aware of. Remember that I’m trying. Help make me aware. Also, remember I’m not as fragile as I make it sound. Tell me what you are thinking and feeling. 

Let’s work together, because this is hard. But I’ll keep getting better. I promise. 

If you are suffering from anxiety, I urge you to find coping skills that work for you. Be patient, and if you need it find someone who can help you learn more about it and learn more about the things that can help you! 
Stay healthy