The Best Quotes To Stay Optimistic During Tough Times

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Need to read the best quotes to stay optimistic? Let’s face it. Some days are just tough. For everyone. And as much as we want positive change to come to us swiftly, all good things come in time. When we experience these down phases, we count on our friends to cheer us up. By sending a positive message to a friend who is down, you can help keep them moving forward and thinking positive thoughts until that sweet upturn happens. So, for those in the downswing of life, here are some motivational quotes to keep you going.

Motivation Before Bed

This one is great for anyone anxious for the day ahead. “Fall asleep with nothing but love and forgiveness in your heart. What’s meant for you will be for you tomorrow and the day after. Trust the journey. Rest your soul.” This implies, that no matter what is troubling you, losing sleep over it won’t improve the situation. It can actually make things worse by causing stress which can then lead to illness. By letting the events turn out as they will, we accept that we do not possess control over every event and action. When we accept how little control we really have we are able to let go of some of the anxiety.

Picking Up The Pieces

“The woman you are didn’t happen overnight. Be proud of her.” It takes a lot of years to find yourself. And it is easy to get knocked down by some unfortunate turn of events. Remember that it took a lot of ups and downs to get you where you are today. And there will be more to come. Accepting that life is not always rosy is a step toward dealing with the bad times with a bit more grace. And it reminds us that we have handled bad situations in the past and that this new problem is just a solution away.

Knowing Who You Are

Sometimes we lose focus, and having our own personal mountain to climb may be all that is necessary to stay motivated and optimistic. “If it makes you happy it doesn’t have to make sense to others.” The quote does a great job of reminding us that we should live our lives for own personal happiness and not become who others expect us to become. Feeling good about your goals simply because they make you happy is more than enough.

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