The Best Way to Impress a Man over Forty on the First Date

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Tips to Help You Get Through Adult Dating

So, you registered on the best dating sites, found someone you like, and it’s now time to meet them face to face. The only issue is, you haven’t been on a date for the longest time, and you’d like to impress your partner.
When getting back to the scene after a while, you might find it challenging to navigate the ever-changing etiquette. If you’re a 40 year old woman dating a younger man, or looking forward to having a partner that’s your age, dating tips will go a long way.
If getting back into the dating scene intimidates you or doesn’t feel quite right, consider the happiness and joy it’ll bring you. Allow your friends and family to introduce you to great people, and also try to rendezvous online.
Before you go out with someone, learn these dating tips for women and men. They will help you navigate the dating scene during and after your first meeting.

It All Starts With a Smile

Contrary to popular belief, the secret to smart dating over 40 doesn’t begin with a new pair of shoes, a sexy outfit, or dinner at a five-star restaurant. It’s simple. All you need to do for dating over 40 is arrive at your dating location with a killer smile.
Consider the number of dates you went to when you were younger. There must have been one person who didn’t smile at you during a date. Most men and women rarely smile during their first dates. It’s always awkward silences and monosyllabic questions. But if you’re fortunate, your partner will leave you cracking up throughout your date.
It’s normal to be nervous before you start seeing other people again. But, there aren’t any reasons we should have a nervous breakdown over dating when it comes to adult dating. Yes, it might be stressful, but you’ll be surprised at how much fun you will have with a little confidence.

Here’s why you should smile:

If the person you plan on dating saw you with a smile, they’d probably start smiling too. Both of you must be nervous about dating at your age, so why not help each other calm down and feel a little more comfortable?
Train yourself to smile while you’re on the phone with people you’re interested in dating. People can always tell if you’re smiling, and it will reflect in your conversations, both online and on phone calls. If you have a profile on a dating site, only choose photos where you’re smiling.
This instantly makes you more attractive, warm, and approachable. Before you physically meet someone after chatting online, you can prepare for the meeting. It’s not hard to get ready, but you have to make an effort consciously.

Reasons Why a Smile on the First Date Will Impress the Man or Woman You’re Dating

– When you smile, you give off a pleasant aura. You will instantly attract people to you.
– Smiling makes people happy. Dating should be fun, and you smiling will help your date feel more comfortable.
Whether you’re dressed in killer pumps or satin slip-ons, you aren’t fully dressed if you don’t wear a smile. What’s more, smiling makes you look energetic and young. Who doesn’t want to be around that?
– Smiling is infectious. There’s nothing that’ll help you lift your dates moods like smiling.
Remember, a smile will have a psychological impact on not just you, but the person you’re meeting. Even if you don’t feel like it, the moment you do it, you relax.

Have a Balanced Conversation

While you’re out, you’ll notice that most people seem lost and robotic. People tend to hold on to their gadgets, scrolling through until it’s time for them to speak. The art of conversation while dating seems to have been buried in the past years.
One of the best tips you will ever get from anyone is listening and talking with your date.  The digital age, coupled with social media and our devices, has us losing out on a meet-up’s true meaning. True dating requires you to be a good listener. This is the only way to stand out from other people who are focused on themselves and impress your partner.

Here’s why a good listener is successful:

– You pay attention to your date
– You encourage your date to open up about themselves
– You make the person you’re dating feel good about themselves
– You make the person you’re dating feel valued
– You can keep your ears open to essential information about your date. You also learn what they’re looking for in their dating experience.
Don’t just tell people who you are; show them. It’s easy to claim that you can be attentive to your partner’s needs. But if you aren’t attentive to them while you’re meeting them for the first time, there’s already doubt as to whether the relationship will last.
If you’re attentive to the person you’re dating, you can figure out the kind of person they are.
Remember, being an attentive listener doesn’t mean that you should take a backseat during a conversation. If you signed up for over 40 dating sites, you should engage in conversation. You should have stories of your own to tell.
One of the most irritating things to experience during dating is sitting opposite a partner who can barely let you put in a word. If you go through a situation like this, don’t worry. It will help you figure out the kind of person you’re interested in meeting. Well, it’s true, if you’re an old man dating a younger woman, you might at one point catch yourself boasting about the endeavors of your youth. It comes with age.
However, you don’t want that kind of experience etched into the mind of the person you’re meeting. You want them to have fond memories of you. Try to read dating tips for men to show you the ropes. One of the best dating tips is to ensure your first meet-up is short. Once you have an idea of your partner, you can either get to the next one or give them a second chance.

Check Your Attitude Before You Start Dating

Before you start dating again, some of the best dating over 40 advice you will get is to ensure you have the right attitude. When you were younger, it was customary to romanticize and fantasize before the meeting. However, past a certain age, your experiences shape you. So hold off on planning for a whirlwind romance.

You can now think logically with more grounded reasoning

If you’ve recently gone through a divorce or loss of a loved one, you have to ensure that you’re in the right state of mind before dating again. You shouldn’t subject the person you’re dating to memories of your past.
Don’t compare them to your ex or your late partner. Allow them to have a comparison-free relationship without reminding them about the things your partner would do for you. Before you start seeing other people after a loss, give yourself a year or two to get over the past relationship.
Don’t meet anyone thinking they will treat you like your ex-spouse or late partner. They’re a different person that deserves a fresh start too.

Your Body Language Says a Big Deal About You

You can use your body language in different spheres of life and not just in dating. If you’re looking for old lady dating tips, here’s what you should avoid.
– Don’t slouch since it will give the impression that you don’t care.
– Don’t cross your feet, legs, or arms. You look distant and defensive.
– Don’t invade your partners’ personal space. This is the first time you’re meeting your date, so give them enough room to ensure they’re comfortable.
– Maintain eye contact. Always look at the person you’re with while making conversation. If you look down or away from them, you give the impression that you lack self-confidence. If you have self-confidence issues, try to work them out with a professional before dating again.
– Give a firm handshake. Ensure that the handshake is neither limp nor too stiff. Some dating tips for men suggest that men should take care not to squeeze women’s hands too hard.
– Even if you’re bored, don’t show it. It is disrespectful to show the person you’re with that you aren’t interested in what they have to say. Even though you may not consider being with them in the future, at least allow the rendezvous to end.


As a 40 year old dating a 30 year old, the game can get intimidating. But, free dating sites over 40 can help you feel how meeting people has changed over the years. Even if you’re more than 40, dating can be fun and allow you to meet new people and get out of your cocoon.
What do you think about dating over forty? If you are over 40, how do you keep your partner interested in you?

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