The Top 10 Gifts To Get Your Boyfriend For His Birthday

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You love the special guy in your life more than anything, and you want the perfect birthday gift to show them how much you care. However, when you ask them for ideas, the only thing you get is a noncommittal, “I dunno, whatever.”

Have no fear. Let the ten ideas below inspire you. The suggestions beautifully answer the question of what you should get for your boyfriend’s birthday.


1. New Game Day Gear

If your guy is a sports fanatic, their fandom did half of your work for you. You can find online retailers dedicated to anything from football to curling and can stock up on equipment if he plays or some sick sideline gear if he’s more into cheering his team to victory.

It’s winter, so a cozy gameday throw will keep him toasty once vaccines let fans return to the stands. Get him ready for his summer softball league’s return with a new glove or even new socks. It’s officially okay to change them now — in fact, it’s recommended to wash away any lingering 2020 curses.


2. A Model that Speaks to His Passions

Do you want to bring the two of you closer? Why not a gift that caters to his interest, such as a diecast model car that you can complete together? He’ll enjoy the pleasure of building his passion and won’t soon forget you did so by his side.

What if your guy is more into buildings than vehicles? You can find architectural model kits featuring anything from the Empire State Building to the Louvre.


3. A Globe Mini-Bar

Does your beau like a little adult libation from time to time? Give his man-cave a touch of old-school-study class with a globe mini-bar. As a bonus, why not stock it with some of his favorite scotch or bourbon?


4. A Monogrammed Flask

What if your special guy likes to take a libation with him on the road? He can’t very well cart around a bottle of Jimmy Walker Red without risking an open container violation. Let him sip discreetly and in style with a monogrammed flask that all but screams, “My name tag may read ‘Tim,’ but the real name’s Bond, James Bond.”


5. A Desktop Game 

Will your guy be returning to the office soon? If so, he won’t be able to distract himself by scrolling through social media at work — there’s too much risk of his boss walking by.

Why not get him the gift of a desktop game? It won’t make it okay to slack off on the job, but it will provide needed stress relief when crunch time comes, but inspiration runs further behind.


6. Some Funky Socks 

Did you ever notice how men’s fashion lacks variety? While you might giggle at cropped-leg suits, what other ways do designers have to add visual interest to a 3-piece? One way is through a pair of funky socks that highlights your mate’s playful side every time they cross their legs in meetings.


7. A Day on the Links

Golfing is the ultimate in healthy stress-relief. Your man gets to inhale tons of immune-boosting phytoncides while producing vitamin D naturally and cursing at a tiny ball that resists going into the hole specially designed for it. Plus, there’s beer involved if he indulges.


8. A Telescope

Few things in life are more romantic than gazing up at the night sky. However, if you live in an urban area, you might see slim pickings due to excess light pollution. Increase your guy’s visual field the next time you camp out on your patio with a telescope that lets him get up close and personal with the sun’s celestial cousins.


9. A Couples Massage

Few things in life feel better than a massage, and you can make it even more romantic by booking a joint rubdown with your mate. Yes, there’s a touch of narcissism in this gift — after all, you get a treat, too — but it will nevertheless bring you closer together.


10. A Ticket to Adventure

Experiential gifts are ideal — why not get one that lets you share in the adventure? A getaway to one of the nation’s top glamping resorts can cost less than a typical holiday while providing the perfect opportunity to cling to your man’s side when things go bump in the woods at night. Plus, after all the past several months’ lockdowns, it will be doubly refreshing to getaway when you can.

Let These 10 Ideas Inspire What You Get for Your Boyfriend’s Birthday

Let the ten ideas above inspire what you should get for your boyfriend’s birthday. He’ll adore the gesture and shower you with affection.

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