To My Greatest Heartbreak, Your Betrayal Changed Me for the Better


Reality got in our way but the bond remained. You were all I ever wanted. Smart, fun, sweet and ambitious to name just a few traits. Whenever we were together, it all made sense. Unfortunately, like in many LDR, life got in our way. We couldn’t stand being apart, so we broke up. However, we remained best friends and kept saying: “one day, when we‘re in the same place, we‘ll try again.“ Most of my girlfriends were envious of the unbreakable bond we shared.


You unexpectedly betrayed me.


You moved back to a city near me! Weeks full of fun dates, planning trips abroad and talking about our future went by when suddenly, you decided to leave me without an explanation. And while time doesn’t heal this wound, I slowly came to accept the fact that you are gone for good.


And you lost…You may think you won because I was the broken one. And you may not think of me right now, but one day you are going to wake up all alone. You will realize that you had someone who loved you more than her own life, put you first no matter what and would have done anything to just be with you. In that moment, you will know that you lost…