To The Naughty Girl, This Is Why You Should Be Sexting Him Like Right Now

There is something undeniably empowering and intimate about a good sexting session with someone you’re head over heels about!

Now this is completely different than the nudes you get on Tinder. They’re gross-but to each their own!

But what I’m talking about is the saucy, racy pictures you may get from your boo.

It actually adds a spice, can amplify the sexual satisfaction, add an interesting dynamic to your relationship, and build a whole new level of trust.

This behavior is being seen as more so fun, carefree and some actually expect it in their relationship.

Just make sure you use common sense. If you’re in a high profile position keep your thoughts to yourself; some things are better left unsent. Someone queue Anthony Weiner and Jeff Bezos.

If you’re looking to spice up your relationship here are a few pro’s to sexting your man….

It’s fun to keep a secret  

Imagine sending a sext to your partner while they are in the middle of a meeting, just that fast the two of you share a secret no one in the world knows but you.

Sure a customer could be wailing in his face, their boss can be going on and on about those copies he didn’t make yesterday but suddenly there’s a photo of your tits accompanied by “I’m going to give you the best blow job later….?? 

Builds sexual tension while you’re apart 

Just because you guys aren’t around each other doesn’t mean you can’t get each other hot and bothered. By the time you see your man again you’ll be able to cut the sexual tension with a knife, way to make him jump your bones girl!

Happens When you Want, Where you want

This is one of my personally favorite reasons, it’s among the most liberating.You say when and where. Doesn’t matter if he is at work or he might be out with his buddies – this gives him all the more reason to rush home to you.

Gets your freak on 

Remember everything is a learning tool. You voice your sexual desires (finally). It’s like a prerequisite to dirty talk. And you can build up your own collection you know the very important- SPANK BANK?! Sexual nostalgia is the most tantalizing type of nostalgia.

Builds Trust/Bonding Experience

The two of you airing out your fantasies, those dirty little secrets, and the trust that is involved with you sending him some nudes really strengthens your bond. It also makes dirty talk during sex more exciting, less intimidating or embarrassing.

If you and your partner are serious take my advice send him a sext, and just like that their world is restored – nothing else matters.

Kudos to you – you just made your man’s day you naughty girl you 😉