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Why Travelling With The New Boyfriend Can Reveal Your Compatibility.

If I can offer any piece of advice to a new couple, it would be to travel together early on in your relationship.

My reason behind this is simple, you learn who they truly are very fast on a trip. Maybe it is the small little traits and habits that they have. Or behaviors that help you determine who they morally as a person. I recently went on a vacation with my new boyfriend and I can honestly say it was the best thing for our relationship!

It’s really funny actually the little things you pick up on when you are alone together for a long period of time. Like what side he lays on to fall asleep, how they like their coffee, and learning that they absolutely love it when you rub their back in the morning and adore it when you help them pick out an outfit to wear.

If you were to ask me the important part of a relationship is the little things.

If a large portion of the little things don’t match up or go together how are you supposed to piece together the big things in a relationship?

My boyfriend and I went to Florida for a vacation! While we were there we did an array of different things. One of the first things we did was go shopping at the outlet centers in Orlando. Working in retail I saw this to be the perfect time to see what kind of “shopper” he was. Trust me if you work retail you know exactly what I’m talking about! and just as I was expecting he was the best kind of shopper you could hope for. He’s very conscious of sale associates. And he is (of course) one of the most well-mannered man (trust me they are hard to come across!)

Of course, when you are vacationing in Florida you are going to frequent the beach! There are two types of people when it comes to the beach. Those who are not the biggest fan of the beach and those who run to the water and throw themselves into it! I am the one who throws myself into the water! My boyfriend on the other hand… not too much. In his defense he cant because of a medical condition but he so badly wants too, so he gets a free pass on that one!

When on vacation if you are super lucky it wont rain at all, but nine times out of ten that doesn’t happen. We were not that 10 percent. We had a few rainy days where we were stuck in the house. Thankfully we had shopping and Netflix! One day we just stayed inside and found a show we both wanted to see and it became “our show” we cuddled and watched the show all day! It was amazing! We learned how the other liked to be cuddled. This is actually a very important and intimate part of a relationship.

This trip really brought us together.

We learned a lot about each other on this trip. And it could have either made us or broken us and we made it!